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Mission Statement
A chronological write up of my game plays, strategy notes, and other aspects of the game, including mods and so forth, which I hope to keep brief and on point, but I doubt that I actually will... keep things brief... because, like, I do tend to run on.

001 - Twin Cities
After playing (or at least starting) twenty odd games in my latest (this being my third or is it fourth) foray into the world of Civilization IV, I decided I would start writing things up, so as to get some kind of deliverable. And this is the result. A short write up for an unremarkable game whose only saving grace is an interesting (to me, at least) starting position.

Games, strategy notes, and whatnot are intermixed, posted in the order of their creation with every post ending in a link to the next. So, feel free to pick and choose from the index... or start at the beginning and work your way to the end. Also, by way of reiteration, it is not my intent to post exhaustive play-by-plays (I shall leave that to others); but rather, to highlight items of strategic (and/or intellectual) interest.

002 - Random
A random map on monarch on the theory that if I can win there, I can win anywhere... sort of... maybe.

003 - Quad Gold
Four gold in the starting fat cross, what could go wrong?

004 - Monty's Revenge
A game in which I employ the whip to excess, the slaves revolt, and I receive a sound thrashing. Ouch!

005 - Log Files & Graphs
Pure research! A preliminary article about graphing in game commerce.

006 - Inland Team
A game highlighting Team Play on the Inland Sea Map. But for the most, I talk about Plot Culture.

007 - Snake River Map Creation
I made a Garden of Eden (Dream Start) map.

008 - Snake River
I play the above Snake River Custom Map and get an unbelievably high score. Yippie!

009 - Incan War God
A random map to test my gameplay... which is pretty darn awesome... some of the time.

010 - Stef'fan
On a petty human's hopes of becoming the basis for a Game Playing AI.

011 - Desert Sands
A resource poor map, which I played out as both Egypt and Arabia. Egypt did much better.

012 - Previous Games
An Abandoned CIV IV Game Retrospective: call it a bunch of games I abandoned prior to completion for a variety of reasons... but mostly, because I was loosing.

013 - Ice Islands
A replay (four of them, in fact) of the most interesting map that I came across during my Previous Games post. I trounced the AI on a higher level (Noble: originally, I played the map on Monarch). And learned a thing or two about galleys and corporations, in the process. {Er, um... Noble might not be a higher difficulty level than Monarch. Doesn't matter, I still trounced the AI... even if I had to set the difficulty level back to do it.}

014 - Watery Death
This is the last of the Old Abandoned Maps, which I wished to replay. Missiles were launched, lands were nuked, but after a few reloads, a decisive victory was eventually had.

And the rest of my playing experience falls off into the recess of time.