Brett's Example Web Page

Website Design by Brett Paufler

Simple to Understand
Straight to the Point
And Easy to Maintain

Pretty Cool, huh?

I don't do Wordpress.
I don't do Drupal.
I don't do Apps,
Nor do I do Interaction,
or Needless Complexity.

So, like, if that's what you want,
best go elsewhere.


I do Simplicity.
I do Elegance.
I do Art.

The Sick: Drugs, Sex, and Celaphopods by Eddie Takosori Wrapping Book Cover

This is an image, a simple picture.

It could be of anything:
a product, a menu, or a store front,
Yeah, I do believe anything covers it:
including a personal portfolio,
or a few...

Sample Resumes

Brett Paufler's infamous circus resume
Brett Paufler's straight and boring Smart and Gets Things Done Resume
Smart &
Gets Things Done
Now, back to the good stuff, Brett Paufler's UFO Crew Resume -- Hire Me, You'll like me

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My Marketing Design Philosophy

Visitors come to a website for a reason.
For most visitors to most websites
that reason is basic business information.

Don't hide that information.

Custom Web Design
Brett Paufler

The reason for the site
or the information it conveys
shouldn't be a secret
or buried somewhere.

It should be right there
in bold face
right in the open.

I Want to Design Your Web Site

Still not convinced?
How about some samples?

Here's the output from a malware websniffer I'm working on.
I'm sort of proud of that.

And here's a series of books I did I while back.
Yeah, I'm real proud of those.

But why stop there?

A website Is






And, please, just trust me on this,
I can provide text as
as you desire.

So, if you want, we can be talking turn-key.

The Undisputed Advantages of a Simple Site

Costs Less to Make
Costs Less to Maintain
Easy to Update
Easy to Change
And Security is Best in Class

Outsourcing is the Secret
to Sidestepping the Disadvantages
of a
Simple Site

Outsoure the Storefront
(to Ebay, Amazon, or other dedicated sales point professional)

Outsource the Blog
(to Face Book, Twitter, Tumblr, and so on)

Outsource the Email
(to yahoo, gmail, hotmail, and a slew of others)

Of course, this means no apps. But let's be serious for a second. If you weren't planning on hiring me (or someone else) full-time (or least part-time at $100+/hr), you're not going to get a real app. You're just not. What you're going to get is a plug and paste open source utility application to be found on a thousand different sites that is almost guaranteed to need to be updated every other month to fix yet another 'unforeseen' security hole.

Now, I like making $100+/hr, so please, let me up-sell you on a Django site.

I'd be happy to code it for you.

Or you can be honest with yourself, admit that you're not in the software business, and that all you really ever wanted was a presence on the web that you can be proud of.

And for me, that means something like this page.
If you agree, please drop me a line.
And let's see if we can work together.

Rates Are Negotiable

Depending upon who you are,
what you want,
and how hungry I am at the moment.

Or if you don't know what you want,
maybe I can help you put together a spec sheet
for a flat hourly fee.

I'm thinking $100/hr, but who really knows.

I've worked for much less,
and believe it or not,
I've worked for much more.

Besides, I just might like you
and be willing to cut you a special deal...

There really is only one way to find out,
so please feel free to drop me a line.

Or if you aren't in the market for a website and never were,
perhaps you'd like to check out the rest of my site...

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For further information (and/or delightful night-table reading) concerning this sort of nonsensical boilerplate, please see my
Terms of Service
for complete details...
or complete lack thereof,
whichever may apply.