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G'narsh: The Troll, The Myth, The Legend

...a dream masterpiece...

...the echoes of which will live-on in your rig long after you unplug...

All appearances to the contrary, Kevin eventually will make his name and fortune off of the G'narsh Mythos. I can only hope that before he does, he comes to this site for a little inspiration. It would save him a lot of trouble and effort, if you know what I mean...

Or, maybe you'd like a summary of Kevin's masterpiece. Um, you see, in the future, they have this thing called Immersive Entertainment. In the old days (of classic SF), they called these 'Feelies'. Well, in the future, they're called 'Dreams'. And this is a dream, written in [Dream Format:strict] (with lots of time stamp edits) that is intended to serve as a guide for the manufacturing and consumption of quality dreams. Full [MM Rated] and [MOM] approved, which means your parole officer won't throw a hissy if you load this dream nor will it earn you a one way ticket to the turnip farm. And perhaps even more importantly, it is vetted [Union Work: approved](but not guaranteed) to not fry your brain. Although, how this meshes with the tag line the echoes of this dream will reverberate in your rig long after you hit eject I know not, nor at this point, do I much care.

Note: doc versions are often displayed as regular webpages by many mobile devices; and as such, may provide a better reading experience.

G'narsh - P1 (doc version)       G'narsh - P1 (pdf version)

G'narsh - P2-A (doc version)       G'narsh - P2-A (pdf version)

G'narsh - P2-B (doc version)       G'narsh - P2-B (pdf version)

G'narsh - P3-A (doc version)       G'narsh - P3-A (pdf version)

G'narsh - P3-B (doc version)       G'narsh - P3-B (pdf version)

G'narsh - P3-C (doc version)       G'narsh - P3-C (pdf version)

G'narsh - P3-D (doc version)       G'narsh - P3-D (pdf version)

G'narsh - P3-E (doc version)       G'narsh - P3-E (pdf version)

G'narsh - P4 (doc version)       G'narsh - P4 (pdf version)

And that's the story.
P1, P2-A, P2-B, P3-A, P3-B, P3-C, P3-D, P3-E, and P4.
Collect them all!

The following are derivative marketing materials, which if you are going to read (or if you are on the fence about reading the base story), I would recommend starting with the first: the Rocking Summary. It captures the flavor of G'narsh quite nicely, I believe.

G'narsh - Rocking Summary (doc version)       G'narsh - Rocking Summary (pdf version)

This summary is weaker; or so, I believe. I actually haven't read it recently. Believe it or not, after 600+ pages, my will to edit a single extra word has sort of vaporized.

G'narsh - Summary (doc version)       G'narsh - Summary (pdf version)

And sometimes (very often these days), I have to wonder why I post certain things. But then, since it is easier to post it all than try to draw the line of where posting would be ridiculous, this is one of those, probably past the point of ridiculous things that I shall post all the same: a query letter for this project that I never did send out, not the once. So, um, [Art Houses] of the world, consider this an open query, I can be bought, as can the rights to G'narsh: The Troll, The Myth, The Legend . Inquiries to: paufler.net@gmail.com

G'narsh - Query Letter (doc version)       G'narsh - Query Letter (pdf version)

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