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...a selection of writing samples from the 2008 era...

pdf       Assorted Short Critical Reviews       doc

pdf       Bamboo Restaurant in Hawi       doc

pdf       Card Counting Myth       doc

pdf       Chalice and Blade       doc

pdf       Chicken or Beef       doc

pdf       CIV IV       doc

pdf       De Niro is Stardust       doc

pdf       Enders Game       doc

pdf       Heaven       doc

pdf       Jade Palace       doc

pdf       Las Cazuelas       doc

pdf       Looper       doc

pdf       Marshmellow Experiment       doc

pdf       Mens Health       doc

pdf       Merrimans       doc

pdf       Money       doc

pdf       My Dying Computer       doc

pdf       Naked Lunch       doc

pdf       Netflix Reviews       doc

pdf       Newspapers are Dying       doc

pdf       No Limit       doc

pdf       Paolucci       doc

pdf       PAU       doc

pdf       Prime       doc

pdf       Primer       doc

pdf       Public Safety Meeting       doc

pdf       Rainbow Falls       doc

pdf       Second Million       doc

pdf       Speed Reading       doc

pdf       The Office       doc

pdf       Thurston Lava Tube       doc

pdf       Tony Hawk       doc

pdf       Travel Advice       doc

pdf       Varroa Mite       doc

pdf       Waimea Ranch House       doc

pdf       Waipio Valley Horses       doc

pdf       Water for Chocolate       doc

pdf       Yong KalBi       doc

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The contents of this sub-site are my opinion.
More accurately, they were my opinion circa 2008.
Even things that look like fact may not be.
They simply are (or at least, were) my opinion.
I am not a fact checker.
I do not care about 'facts'.
Do not rely on anything I have to say.
This, too, is merely my opinion...

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