Eddie Takosori's
Divining the Broken Heart

a magical witchcraft primer

I'm not here to convince you of Eddie's magical powers. I never believed it myself. For the most I just took it as another form of BS. He was good at BS, Eddie he was. But BS aside, he liked to ruffle a deck of cards, do a magic trick or two, and foretell your fortune if you were of the mind. This is his system. It worked for him. And believe or not, for Eddie, that was enough.

Writers Lie. Eddie is a writer. Ergo sum, ipso facto. Work it out for yourself.

Um, and this really is a work in progress. But having said that, a lot of the rough edges have already been polished smooth. But more importantly, if you're a student of the craft or just curious about the arts (and I say this in all sincerity), this might just be the most thoroughly informative tome on witchcraft that you will ever have the privilege of reading. It's also has the added benefit of bing quite entertaining.

Divining the Broken Heart (pdf version)
Divining the Broken Heart (doc version)
The secrets behind magic, runes, charms, spells, tarot cards, crystal balls, and all other sorts of cool stuff awaits. And best of all, it's free. Perhaps not as Eddie intended. But then, if he ever wanted to make any money off of any of this stuff, he probably shouldn't have gone and died.

Divining the Broken Heart: Found Runes (pdf version)
Divining the Broken Heart: Found Runes (doc version)
A few short examples on the way towards building an inventory of magical accessories.

Divining the Broken Heart: The Spice of Life (pdf version)
Divining the Broken Heart: The Spice of Life (doc version)
If you liked the first, you owe it to yourself (and your studies) to read the sequel, as well. Oh, and by the way, this is the third (and last) version of Eddie's Broken Heart project, so once you're done with it, you might want to move on to...

A Warlock's Guide to Banging Broads
Which even though there are three previous titles, this (apparently) was Eddie's second effort towards his Broken Heart project. However, with a title like, I'm just going to have to vet it a bit more. So, it might be a while before I post it, because for the moment, I'm just going through the easy stuff. Anyway, if you've read the rest and really want to see what else Eddie had to say on the subject of magic, spells, witchcraft, astral projection and all the rest, send me an email. It might be the push I need to get this stuff posted.

The opinions expressed in these Tomes are Eddie's not mine. Nothing has been checked or verified. Personally, I'm of the opinion magic is a bunch of BS (lies and whatnot), so deal with it. Reader be warned. Consult a professional (doctor, lawyer, tax advisor, whatever, witchdoctor, personal shaman, like I said, whatever) prior to taking any action. And even though Eddie is a dead as a doornail, I do believe he would consider me amiss if I did not mention that he has been known to provide personal consulations on The Beach (Shores of the Astral Ocean, don't you know) for a mere $10k/hr: transportation and hotel accommodations not included, which as we all know is the real trick. I mean, once you've gotten to the Astral Plane on your own, like you'd need some dead dude's help. Still, money's money. And at that rate, I'd be more than happy to help you myself in any way that I can...

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There are two types of witches:

Stupid Witches and those that on some level know they are lying...