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Architectural Porn (doc version)
A moment's musing, a vacation from the day, to stare into the distance, and see, that which so few else seem to notice. Or in other words, I took a break at work today, to enjoy myself.
Architectural Porn (pdf version)

Fist to Face is the Motivating Factor (doc version)
Being the first piece I wrote for this series, in pursuit of this idea, no story, just a moment, transfixed, and the reason I wish to write, the desire to apply fist to face, so those not keen on a gratitous beating may wish to steer clear.
Fist to Face is the Motivating Factor (pdf version)

Dancing with Angelica (doc version)
No rhyme. No reason. I don't want the restraint. Just what I want to write, an idea for a start; and from there, come what may, no worry, no concern. I liked it on the reread, oddly compelling, slightly erotic, not quite what I wanted. But then, they never are. Angelelic from Today is the Best Day of the Rest of Your Life gets a cameo reprisal. What can I say? She may not be the best of team players; but neither am I. More importantly, I like working with her. As such, there will likely be more...
Dancing with Angelica (pdf version)

Hitting the Brick Wall (doc version)
I could probably spend a week on that last line and never quite get it right. But then, that's more because this is the start of an adventure, not an adventure, and so rather than an end, what it really needs is an invitation to continue. So, here, let me invite you, to explore the rest of this novel in your mind. In fact, I have some desire to write the next chapter... or the end... or the start of the next book in the series. Perhaps someday, I shall... provided I am granted the time.
Hitting the Brick Wall (pdf version)

Pool Party (doc version)
Just spending some time in one of my many 'Happy Places', sipping on booze and staring into the distance. Not much of a story that, staring into the distance, but it's how I spend a lot of my time, inside my mind and out. Oh, and there be Frisbee Playing Racoons; or rather, there could be, if the story kept going or you feel like rewriting it with that little twist at the end.
Pool Party (pdf version)

In the Safe of the Night (doc version)
How does one describe this? This style of writing? It's a story? Yes. I like the flow? Yes? But more than a story, more than the flow, maybe, just maybe it's a story about the flow of a story, de-constructing a muse... or some half dozen... without ever showing her face. Yes. It makes a sort of sense... if you want it to. Whatever. I am pleased. Considering my readership base, perhaps that is all that really matters.
In the Safe of the Night (pdf version)

Slamming it All Together (doc version)
Is there romance in the pit? The mosh pit of love? Who knows? Who cares? Not they who live for the moment, for the moment is all; and then, in a flash, the moment is gone...
Slamming it All Together (pdf version)

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