Cliff Hanger's

My Hawaii

It was a dream job in a dream locale.
The only problem was half the time it seemed like a dream.
Oh wait, that’s not really a problem, is it?
My Hawaii, a dream quite literally come true.

Sometimes you don’t have to go back 100 years to find a  place that never was.
Sometimes it’s just a short flight across the ocean to the middle of nowhere.
And that my friends, is exactly where you will find Lihi’i:
the tropical setting for Cliff Hanger’s timeless comic masterpiece My Hawaii.

    I bought this manuscript at an estate sale.  You know how it goes (or perhaps you don't), a guy dies, no relatives (or the one's there are don't care); and so, they liquidate his personal effects.  I've bought family albums full of pictures going five generations back for a buck a pop.  This came in a leather satchel -- one of those over the shoulder deals.  Broken and moldy, but is caught my eye, as did the papers inside.  $50 bought the lot, all rights inclusive.  Turns out it was the man's, Cliff's (though even he was using a moniker), life's work -- his memoirs.  Not finiished, of course.  Perhaps he should have started sooner.  But then, that might have meant that he would have lived less and had nothing special to write about.  As it is, I like the stuff.  Only wish there was more...

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Editorial Concerns

Character Sketches

Intro to the Intros - more bookkeeping

Crazy Anne -- ain't so crazy

Cliff Hanger -- you'll hang on his every word

Thirty Seven -- no more, no less

Kimo -- with a heart as big as he is

Lihi -- the best little part of Lihi'i

Father Cross -- ain't so cross

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