Kevin Stillwater’s

three layers of


reflecting on nothing

Writers Lie
Table of Contents

1-0: You are here.
1-1: All Writers lie... even you big guy.
1-2: But some are bigger jerk offs about it than others.
1-3: The Grand Poobah and Emperor of All gets a new set of clothes.
1-4: The chapter section is entitled Levi, but it’s really about Kevin Stillwater... go figure.
1-5: He who dies with the most toys... is still dead.
1-6: For your amusement, I give you Le Tantrum.
1-7: Without death there is no pain, while without pain there is no life.
1-8: On the 7th... er, 8th... er, 9th day, he rested.
1-9: A chapter from a previous manuscript that I had lying about.  You may wish to read it while I go party.
1-10: Just read this one quietly.  I’ve still got a hangover.
1-50: A little commentary to get the discussion going.
1-70: Starting your own book club?  I can help.
1-75: There will be a test at the end.  Read carefully and take copious notes.  You have been warned!
1-80: Words of wisdom.



© Copyright 2013 Brett Paufler