The Troll, The Myth, The Legend


Kevin Stillwater

# # # Back Jacket Copy # # #

    G’narsh as shop keep?

    Join seven time world champion, Dream Grand Master Kevin Stillwater as he takes you behind the scenes, pulls back the curtains, and shows you the creative process like you’ve never seen it before.  Whether you are a judge, an aspiring contestant, or simply a devotee of the discs, this prefab adventure is sure to please as Kevin not only utilizes his award winning wraparound multiple narrative technique to explore every nook and cranny of the G’narsh mythos, he also explains exactly what he is doing every step of the way.  Invaluable information for anyone who has competitive aspirations... or who merely wishes to get the most out of their dreaming experience.

    And let’s not forget the underlying story.  Can the Son of Chaos, the Grandson of Gra’gl himself... can G’narsh, the two headed troll of the black heart, the namesake of the rays, the betrayer of both friend and foe alike, the cold blooded killer, gun for hire, paid mercenary and defiler… can such a beast as G’narsh find redemption?  But more than that, the question is asked: Can Evil become Good?  Can Thug turn Hero?  Or much more importantly: Can a light hearted fantasy farce revolve around a villain such as G’narsh... while still staying true to the original legend?

    The answer is a resounding yes.  What you hold in your hands is a masterful tale, one that you are sure to leave in your player for years to come.

    G’narsh: The Troll, The Myth, The Legend.

    A story, like its hero, that stands head and shoulders above the rest.

    And if you are wondering where the creative process starts, it starts here with an editorial blurb, a bit of sales copy that will eventually find its way onto the back of a disc wrapper.  This is the first thing that goes down.  This is the tag you submit with your dreams during competition.  This is what you show your agent so he knows what you are working on or that you show prospective sales houses while you try to curry their favor.  It is what you read before you enter the recording booth.  It is what you say silently to yourself for endless months as you work and it is what you let guide your mind in its wanderings.  For this is what you have promised the judges, the critics, and your fans.  This is not some bit you reel off at the end, some afterthought, or some add on.  This is the story.  This is a promise that I have made, both to you and myself.

    To tell you the story of G’narsh: The Troll, The Myth, The Legend from beginning to end, from every angle, inside and out, leaving no rock unturned or thought left unrecorded.

The Troll,
The Myth,
The Legend


© Copyright 2013 Brett Paufler