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APRIL - 2014

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April K©rny News

Layer graphs showing CZ2012 and CZ2013 were requested. All graphs show price on the vertical axis per futures contract and relative day of the year across the horizontal axis as the bottom.
CZ2012 TO CZ2013 All Data Points Line Graph
The above is a graph of the raw data. Breaks in graph are because the trading days do not line up from one year to the next evenly. There are, of course, other ways of doing this so they do, but I didn't...
CZ2012 TO CZ2013 Partial Data Points Line Graph
This is a graph showing only the points that line up, trading dates for both years that land on the same date. It is a smoother graph and not much information is lost when only two years are layered.
CZ2000 to CZ2013 showing all data points Line Graph
This is perhaps more of a proof of concept that my graphing program is working that anything that conveys information. Information for CZ2000 to CZ2013 are stacked.
CZ2010 to CZ2013 all data points Line Graph
This is the data for four years: CZ2010 to CZ2013. Each line segment represents a trading week. By it's nature, the graphing program smooths out the lines.
CZ2010 to CZ2013 Partial only overlapping trade dates are included Line Graph
This is CZ2010 through CZ2013, as well. All the lines crunched together: meaning, any date that didn't have data for all four years was deleted from the dataset prior to graphing. It's doubtful much information was lost at this scale. There were around a hundred data points still in the set.
CZ2012 to CZ2013 Bar Graph price over relative time in the year
This is a bar graph for CZ2012 and CZ2013. I don't think it provides much information.
CZ2000 to CZ2013 Bar Graph of Corn Futures price versue time of year
This is for CZ2000 to CZ2013. It provides even less information that the above.
CZ2010 to CZ2013 Bar Graph of Corn Futures price versue time of year
A graph of CZ2010 to CZ2013, which includes all the days of the year -- and then some. I include it to contrast with the next.
CZ2010 to CZ2013 Bar graph utilizing select dates providing clearer output
I still wouldn't spend too much time staring at this. But it is a lot easier on the eyes than the one above. It is missing quite a few data points, bringing the plotting function back down closer to something the graphing program can handle with style and grace.
CZ2012 to CZ2013 Box Plot all data CZ2012 to CZ2013 Box Plot partial data
There is not much difference between these two. Both are CZ2012 and CZ2013. Top includes all data points. The bottom only the overlapping. The next set of data differs more between the two versions.
CZ2010 to CZ2013 Box Plot with All Data Points CZ2010 to CZ2013 Box Plot with only overlapping Data Points utilized
CZ2010 to CZ2013. Once again, not much difference. The next is why I included this series.
The graph is of CZ2000 to CZ2013 in a BoxPlot style. Got me what that means. I'm guessing the red line is the mean. The box is either the middle quartile... or more likely, first standard deviation. While the dotted bracket indicates the overall range.

So, just shooting from the hip, that means:

CZ2008, in 2008, had a wider trading range than anytime else.

But, and this perhaps is more important, the actual profit-loss range -- variance -- between investors would have been greater in 2012 for CZ2012.

The Bullseye was bigger for CZ2012

But the Target was bigger for CZ2008.

If that metaphor makes any sense...

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