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Civilization IV
Beyond the Sword 3.19
BUG Mod 4.5 [Build 2221]
BULL 1.4 [Build 243]
BAT Mod 4.1

A Garden of Eden Start

Now, if you cannot see the picture, I question the utility of the rest of the page, but what we have are two side-by-side maxed out city sites, full of resources

Dual Garden of Eden Start

It's always possible to lose, but a person would really have to try. I do sort of wonder what that (i.e. intentionally losing) might look like on this map.


I feel confident that a 1,000,000+ Score is readily achievable. And I am almost inclined to try for that high water mark... almost.

NAME: Critial Support
SPEED: Marathon
LEADER: Gandhi

No Barbarians
Aggressive AI
No Tech Brokering
No Tribal Villages
No Random Events

Starting Technologies: Fishing, The Wheel, Agriculture, Hunting, Mysticism, Mining, Masonry

All in all, it's not a very hard start.

This is my most comprehensive Game Save Zip, yet. So, I'm going to spend some time going over it.

First, it's a zip. And in the zip is a 7z compressed file. So, yeah. It's a bit annoying. First one has to unzip and then un-7z it. But I did that because 7z compression is twice as good (as the corresponding zip), yielding a file half as big. But a zip is something I know (without a doubt) my server can handle.

Inside the zip are three types of files:
The Game Saves take up a fair bit of bandwidth; hence, why there are not so many of them. While both The World Builder and Log Files are composed of highly redundant and often identical text strings; and as such, compress like a dream.

Each file in the zip starts with an identifier of the form MMM-GG-SS-TXXX:
The chronological and alphabetical sort order of the files are identical. So by default (on my machine, at least), the documents stack from oldest (at top) to newest (at bottom).

If a World Builder, Game Save, or Log File has the same leading identifier (if MMM-GG-SS-TXXX == MMM-GG-SS-TXXX), then they are for the exact same moment in time. Though I am sure I make mistakes, I endeavour to save the game and Log Files at the exact same moment with no extraneous clicks, moves, or orders.

As to the games themselves, I have little to say (well, actually nothing) that is not covered by The In-Game Notes: 046-critical-support-notes.txt.

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