Lazy Chocolate Decadence Cake


Brett Paufler

Lazy Man's Chocolate Decadence Cake

Cooking from scratch can be time consuming and expensive, so lately to make a super rich chocolate cake I've been taking prepacked cake mixes.

1 pack cake mix
2 eggs
2-4oz of dark chocolate
1 stick butter
dash of water (1/4 cup)

All of the above is in lieu of the oil, eggs, water called for in the cake mix.

Melt butter, chocolate, mix together with cake mix along with water, add eggs, pour into well (and I mean well) greased bowl, cook for an hour at 350, cool in oven with door open

Less greasy equals less butter, some folks don't like as much chocolate as I, so milk can work better, or just less, nuts work, as do dried cherries, dried cherries are awesome in this sort of recipe

Butter frosting is just butter and chocolate. Mix varying amounts of dark and milk chocolate to get the desired sweetness, a little butter to make it pliable and you're in business, but it's going to turn hard when that butter cools.

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