Embracing the Smile That Is This Moment


Ian Black


I am Blue

One for the Road

Some of the preceding was obviously advertising copy.  As follows is what the bulk of the material is like:

Always seek the moral high ground.

Presumably because it’s got a better view...
and should that flood thing ever happen again, it’ll be a lot safer.
Just a word to the wise.

And if not stated often enough before, I am looking to sell out.  If you are in a position to help me with that endeavor (agent, publisher, etc.), let's work something out.  Or if you've just got a website of your own, I'd appreciate the link.

And then, selling out suddenly had a much lower priority.  As such, the complete manuscript may be found here:

Embracing the Smile that Is This Moment - doc version

Embracing the Smile that Is This Moment
- pdf version

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