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Ian Black


I am Blue


    I collect one off books, unpublished manuscripts, diaries, private journals, and the like (inclusive of reproductive rights, as a sort of investment).  Believe it or not, they have conventions for this sort of thing.  And at said conventions (like at most every other  convention), there is always some dealer with a bargain bin.  You know, a shelf full of books that can be had for a quarter each or five for a dollar.  And being cheap by nature, I go through those shelves book by book.  You never know what hidden gem you're going to find.  Well, this was one of those.  I paid $5 for the lot of these: a dozen palm-sized leather bound beauties carefully filled with the private musings of one Ian Black -- a philosopher of sorts who considered himself a Buddhist from what I gather.  Anyhow, a set like this would typically have gone for quite a bit more ($20, $50, $100, or perhaps even a $1,000 for the lot, the leather tomes really are nice), but that would be if a one -- I am Blue -- hadn't got to the manuscripts first and thoroughly defaced every last single page.

He destroyed my life's work.

And I'd do it again, too.  See.

    Which is to say, the entire endeavor is a bit heretical.  And in truth, it's doubtful this sort of punch/counterpunch is for everyone, but it's definitely for me, and in that I can't be alone.  Anyhow, I figure there are something along the magnitude of a thousand entries -- and amongst those, there are certainly a hundred choice ones (probably a lot more) that could be edited together into one of those throw-away feel-good Christmas time gift books that folks seem to be gobbling up at $24.99 a pop.  So, long story short, if you know how to monetize this, I'm looking to cash out.  Make me an offer.

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