The output of this program is a png which shows a sample of the arial font

GraphicsMagick Command

gm.exe convert -size 500x -background white -fill black -font path_to_font.ttf -pointsize 24 caption:'text as desired' save_name.png

PowerShell Batch Script


Create PNG from TTF

I downloaded the Google Fonts package. But choosing a font from among the hundreds (and hundreds) of choices looked to be a pain. So, I wanted a bunch of PNG's I could scroll through in an Image Viewer to preview the various fonts.

Using an Image Viewer is still less than ideal. But the script performs as directed, which is about as high praise for a script as there is.

Note: If the text rolls off the edge of the image (i.e. the_words_are_too_long) or a font does not provide the requested size (24, in this case), the script will hang.

The script hung about six times going through the Google Fonts Collection... but not once for the base MS WIN 10 Fonts.

"And that's all I have to say about that."

command line image manipulations

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