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A Face Flip Implementation, same image flipped sideways again, of a doorbell and letter slot

Hello GraphicsMagick


I used an installer. So, it's not like a tutorial on how to double click on the program icon is going to do anyone any good.

To keep all my graphics code together, I installed GraphicsMagick into:


So, to run GraphicsMagick on the command line, I need to type (or cut and paste):


But that doesn't do much of anything but give one version information.

To do any work, a much more complex command is required.

For example, the following code applies a simple filter before saving the modified image.

c:\alpha\graphicsmagick\gm.exe `
  convert `
  -verbose `
  -solarize 5 `
  c:\alpha\input\test.jpg `

All of those backticks (`) enable code continuation on the command line. If all of the code is strung out on a single line, they are not needed... and if included, the code would fail.

In my initial run down of the convert options, I did not find that many of interest. Of course, my review was quite quick.

I find it rather annoying that upon copying an image the thumbnail preview does not change. Which is to say, the profile (or at least, I think that is what it is called) is not updated. So, looking at thumbnails in a directory (medium sized, but not for large or extra-large previews, oddly), I saw no change in the output images after applying the filters. I had to open the images to see the changes.

But then, in writing this up, I played with the view. So, I suppose I'll be looking at my images in large size format when using GraphicsMagick, because that is what worked for me.

In my quick review of the options, I noticed -flip and -flop. And since those come close to implementing a Face Flip project I completed recently, I figured I would work that out as my Hello GraphicsMagick.

The Steps Involved:
These have to be run as four separate commands.

Copy Original Image
c:\alpha\graphicsmagick\gm.exe `
  convert `
  c:\alpha\input\test.jpg `

Flip Original Image
c:\alpha\graphicsmagick\gm.exe `
  convert -flop `
  c:\alpha\input\test.jpg `

Combine Front Ways
c:\alpha\graphicsmagick\gm.exe `
  convert +append `
  c:\alpha\output\test_a.jpg `
  c:\alpha\output\test_b.jpg `

Combine Back Ways
c:\alpha\graphicsmagick\gm.exe `
  convert +append `
  c:\alpha\output\test_b.jpg `
  c:\alpha\output\test_a.jpg `

As my first PowerShell program, I think I will try to get this to work for all the images in the input directory.

GraphicsMagick FaceFlip
G'MIC FaceFlip
PowerShell FaceFlip

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