Exploring the Stream

Stream, Hose, The Source, New Submissions
Whatever you want to call it.

The Raw Data Stream

I pulled the 2qr--- data.
Reddits with the ID of 2qr000 thru 2qrzzz.

46,656 potential data points.
44,997 posts successfully pulled.

Time from first post to last: 05:25:58
or about a five and a half hours.

Stream rate 2.3 posts a second,
which is equivalent to +/- 8,250 posts/hour.

I collected data on:
All of which except id being explored below

Submissions by Author

44,997 Raw Values
29,902 Authors
7,533 Posts with No Author Value

Number of Posts by the Top Ten Authors
[137, 136, 78, 77, 73, 68, 58, 56, 51, 49]
Many of these appeared to be bots

Average Number of Posts All Authors: 1.25
Average Number of Posts Authors with 'bot' in Name: 5.60
Ave Num Posts with 'bot' or similar in name: 4.23

Looks, like bots post more than humans across the board.
For all Authors with under ten posts
Overall Average: 1.17
'bot' in Name Ave: 1.43

Within the 5:25:58 timespan reviewed
26,486 Authors had 1 Post
2,469 Authors had 2 Posts
469 Authors had 3 Posts
160 Authors had 4 Posts
85 Authors had 5 Posts
42 Authors had 6 Posts
34 Authors had 7 Posts
23 Authors had 8 Posts
17 Authors had 9 Posts
13 Authors had 10 Posts
11 Authors had 11 Posts
15 Authors had 12 Posts
9 Authors had 13 Posts
5 Authors had 14 Posts
2 Authors had 15 Posts

Of the top 5 posters, 3 were clearly bots
Of the top 10 posters, 7 were deemed to be bots
In total,
265 Bots Were Deemed to Make 1120 Posts
Or almost 3% of the total (2.99%)

Want a prediction?
50% of traffic will be by bots within five years.
Users won't like it, so it will drop to 10-25%.
But that drop will be misleading:
As Bots will have gotten better and harder to detect
And within 10 years,
bots will account 95% of the content/comments on reddit.

Submission by NSFW

Because, you know, Science

Pie Graph showing ratio of NSFW posts
44,997 Posts
3,708 NSFW
8.24% of the Total

And that's all I have to say
About that.

Submissions by Time

The Front Page Waits for no redditor
(or something like that).

Of the posts this page refers:
Start Time: 2014-12-29 21:43:00
Finis Time: 2014-12-30 03:08:58
Time Span: 5:25:58 (hour, min, seconds)
Bar Graph showing Average Submission Rate to Reddit per Second
A nice and even normal distribution
centred around 2.3 submissions per second

Submission by Domain

The Internet is the Domain of reddit.
I mean, it is the front page, after all.

Lots of graphs with tons of small (albeit legible if enlarged) print.
But there's a table at the end, so no need to squint.

Top 100 Reddit Domains - The Raw Data Top 100 Domains from which content was posted
This is the Raw Data

I wouldn't spend too much time with any of these.
The data gets refined further along.

Top 20 Reddit Domains - Close Up on the Raw Data Same thing, top 20

Reddit Domains - Condensed Version - Smalls and Like, lumped together A Condensed Version
Singles: condensed into a group called 'Ones'
The same for Two through Ten lumped with lumped wiht

I wouldn't spend too much time with these.
Things change further along.

Reddit Domains - Condensed Version - Smalls Removed As per above, except low values (singletons, etc) removed rather than lumped together.

Reddit Domains - Condensed Version - Smalls Removed - Top 20 Top 20 after all cleansing operations.

And then, below the top 100 in table form.
Note, self means reddit; so typically, text that is original content made specifically for reddit.

And, um, clearly, I didn't do that good of a job condensing Domains.
So, this too gets revised again.
I guess I just hate throwing stuff out.
Or, you know, feel free to compare this to the next to see if you agree with how I chopped it down.

Top 100 Domains Posts
self 24,800
imgur 8,600
youtube 3199 212 187 150 84 79 70 69 56 54 53 53 51 50 50 49 48 46 46 46 44 44 44 41 40 37 36 35 35 35 34 32 31 31 29 27 25 25 24 24 24 23 23 22 21 20 19 19 19 19 19 18 18 18 18 18 18 17 17 16 16 16 16 16 16 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 11 11 11 11 11 11 11

Final Domain

The short version

Reddit Domains - Final Condensed Version - Smalls Removed - Top 10 The Top 10 Sources of Content for reddit.
NOTE: reddit self posts are Number 1.

And here, the Top 100

Top 100 Domains Posts
self 24,939
imgur 8,600
youtube 3,199
tumblr 338 212 187 150
wikipedia 83 70
google 57 56 54 51 50 50 49 48 46 46 44 44 41 40 37 36 35 35 35 34 31 31 29 27 25 25 24 24 24 23 23 22 21 20 19 19 19 19 19 18 18 18 18 17 17 16 16 16 16 14 14 14 14 14 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 11 11 11 11 11

Sure, I could reiterate the process and condense flickr and steam, but I'm not going to.

And this might not surprise you, but I'd never considered reddit as a source of music before starting this project. So, I would have never expected the 6th most popular feed (I use the term loosely) to be from a music site.

I presume, also, that one could determine the relative popularity of the different news sites based on their rankings in this list, but I shall leave that as an exercise for the reader.

For my purposes, this perhaps (just perhaps), can provide a reasonable roadmap for expansion. It making more sense to put forth effort to follow imgur links (about 100 times more sense) than following flickr link.

Also, if I was employed by FaceBook, I do believe integrating reddit into the feed, would be my first project proposal. I suppose the same could be said for all the rest, as well. Which is to say, for lack of a better description, reddit is sucking content from all of these other sites; returning the favor will likely be the only way to survive. Feed or be fed, if you know what I mean.

Submission by SubReddits

The Initial Impetus
of this entire study,
believe it or not.

Pie Graph of Most Popular SubReddits - Jan 2015
All Subreddits with more than 200 submissions, this range:
a figure specifically chosen to include r/music.

Most Popular Subreddits Posts Out of 44,997
Fireteams 1725
AskReddit 1363
funny 591
GlobalOffensiveTrade 553
leagueoflegends 501
pics 497
videos 373
Showerthoughts 350
buildapc 344
trees 322
dirtypenpals 314
DestinyTheGame 313
aww 295
gaming 286
AdviceAnimals 270
pcmasterrace 259
GlobalOffensive 259
halo 243
news 214
Music 200

Fireteams accounts for 3.83% of the total.
I'm going to have to find out what that's about.

Here's a breakdown of the GiF subreddits

Pie Graph of Most Popular GiF SubReddits - Jan 2015

Significant Subreddits

One of the things I specifically wanted to output when I started this project was a list of the most popular subreddits, so I could enhance my user experience, adding r/'s as desired to my browsing sessions.

So, without any censorship, these are ALL the subreddits with more than 10 posts in the timespan examined.

Fireteams AskReddit funny GlobalOffensiveTrade leagueoflegends pics videos Showerthoughts buildapc trees dirtypenpals DestinyTheGame aww gaming AdviceAnimals pcmasterrace GlobalOffensive halo news Music explainlikeimfive gonewild friendsafari PS4 mildlyinteresting worldnews todayilearned movies FIFA relationships techsupport secretsanta havoc_bot DotA2 betternews dirtykikpals askscience electronic_cigarette wow nfl pokemontrades hearthstone xboxone amiibo WTF teenagers pokemon jailbreak SteamGameSwap r4r spam giftcardexchange personalfinance nba MakeupAddiction Fitness serialpodcast bindingofisaac circlejerk gifs NoFap whowouldwin WritingPrompts SquaredCircle Tgirls hiphopheads smashbros politics Smite dragonage TheLastAirbender Art EliteDangerous sex bolsa TrollXChromosomes photoshopbattles listentothis cats tipofmytongue Kikpals Bitcoin offmychest CFB remove hockey reactiongifs conspiracy tipofmypenis soccer Steam Minecraft Jokes atheism anime Random_Acts_Of_Amazon technology food MaddenUltimateTeam tifu dayz EarthPorn conspiro fatpeoplehate androidfiles Musicthemetime TumblrInAction Pokemongiveaway 2007scape legaladvice GrandTheftAutoV ClashOfClans malefashionadvice ladybonersgw KerbalSpaceProgram tf2 postcards baindaily Sneakers CodAW itookapicture depression MechanicalKeyboards LifeProTips DIY runescape gonewildcurvy SkincareAddiction Android travel Tinder DirtySnapchat CHIBears AskHistorians unusualporn CasualConversation Aggregat0r summonerschool skyrim me_irl cringe hardwareswap redditgetsdrawn lego RandomActsOfBlowJob GetMotivated sports TeamRedditTeams Flibusta AskWomen ultrahardcore nosleep latafanera dirtyr4r TwoXChromosomes PuzzleAndDragons NoStupidQuestions Monstercat Best_Porn_Gifs AskMen streetwear PokemonPlaza NHLHUT AppNana penis apple LiverpoolFC Drugs AskDocs woahdude cringepics Watches WastelandPowers StarWars OkCupid Guitar amiugly PatriotLibrary CasualPokemonTrades raisedbynarcissists mildlyinfuriating listentoremoved skyrimmods nsfw mistyfront TTRStatus RedditLaqueristas BostonRSS supremeclothing summonerswar kohi iOSthemes fakeid NSFWskype Filmmakers BabyBumps vinyl unremovable nottheonion hightestalpha headphones australia Rateme Games CoDCompetitive television subaru relationship_advice promobr new_right montageparodies learnprogramming iphone battlefield_4 MMA KotakuInAction DarkSouls2 Celebs ACTrade starcraft magicTCG india guns gentlemanboners eu4 cars books Warthunder PhotoshopRequest NewTubers Libertarian Guildwars2 Futurology Christianity 49ers space pornID podemos loseit korrasami exmormon dogecoin Starcitizen_trades OldSchoolCool DnD Advice pathofexile longtail listentothat fresh_funny ffxiv buildapcforme b00b3d Yogscast Planetside GoneWildPlus GamerGhazi Eve woodworking science motorcycles crochet comics civ bravefrontier bicycling assassinscreed Wishlist UHCMatches SuicideWatch Seahawks RealGirls Multicopter LetsPlayVideos DarkNetMarkets CoonTown Aquariums vaporents silkysmoothmusic paydaytheheist feedthebeast dogs childfree business boardgames beerporn SteamTradingCards RecruitCS NBA2k ImGoingToHellForThis HITsWorthTurkingFor GreenBayPackers worldpolitics starcitizen fantasyfootball casualiama SubredditDrama Health 4chan wiiu rupaulsdragrace picrequests mindcrack knowyourshit heroesofthestorm MLPLounge Homebrewing yugioh mylittlepony metalgearsolid jobs detroitlions beards ass SuggestALaptop ShinyPokemon RandomActsofMakeup PhxClassWarCouncil Patriots Gonewild_Market GoneMild GifSound DoesAnybodyElse Cooking Assistance writing wicked_edge monkeynewsbot keto gameswap fivenightsatfreddys creepy chicago awwnime asoiaf asmr airsoft Twitch LosAngeles Fallout DeepIntoYouTube 3DS whatisthisthing weekendgunnit web_design tumblr skiing running ravens nocontext hypotheticalsituation gopro bodybuilding PokemonInsurgence NotYourMothersReddit MassiveCock Cricket CrazyIdeas Conservative ApocalypseRising Animesuggest AdoptMyVillager windowsphone trap realtech oneplus oddlysatisfying nyc inthenews firstworldanarchists electronicmusic asktransgender TagPro RandomActsOfMuffDive Pokemontutoring OCPoetry NSFW_GIF CrappyDesign Boobies Anxiety AndroidQuestions xray wowguilds worldbuilding webdev snapchat playstation notinteresting interestingasfuck harrypotter futurebeats conservatism comicbooks carporn canada britishproblems aviation Warframe ThisIsMySubRedditOnly Sexsells PSNFriends HurcleyAdvLog GaybrosGoneWild FoodPorn Dota2Trade wallpapers undeleteWorldNews toronto spaceengineers shittyfoodporn rpg roosterteeth raspberry_pi punchablefaces picsonly photography osugame nsfw_gfys nexus6 investing googlenewsfeed gadgets fantasybball dadjokes creepyPMs WhiteIdentity TopGear Naruto MaddenMobileForums Indiemakeupandmore Entrepreneur youtube xxfitness stopdrinking poker longboarding leafs history ecigclassifieds darksouls cowboys changemyview applehelp TheRedPill SchoolIdolFestival Portland MelissaFumero IndianNewsArchive IceandFirePowers GTAV GCXRep FifaCareers FantasyPL EverythingScience Chromecast BlackGirlCams 195 zelda syriancivilwar slashdiablo sgsflair sexytimechat self see photocritique pcgaming opiates nostalgia mangonewild lesbianstoriesGW knitting knifeclub fatlogic farcry fantasylife dwarffortress dogpictures argentina YouTubeGamers WorldofTanks Nexus5 NHLStreams Metal MensRights HaloPlayers FancyFollicles EDM CrusaderKings Coffee Civcraft BeautifulCelebrities Austin 3Dprinting worldpowers weddingplanning steelers startups powersofarda nintendo neopets mountandblade minnesotavikings manga malehairadvice mac lgbtifm justneckbeardthings hcteams hackernews giveaways gamecollecting fumetti forhire flying environment dontstarve cscareerquestions college beer asstastic SoDB_Ringwraith Seattle SVExchange SSBPM Random_Acts_Of_Pizza RandomKindness Marvel Maplestory AnimeFigures 3dsFCswap youtubehaiku vita vgstreams vegan tmobile thelastofusfactions solaractivity shittyaskscience reddevils randomactsofsteam philosophy oaklandraiders nsfw_gifs nbacirclejerk math knives juicyasians intrusivethoughts indiegameswap femalefashionadvice feet europe disney deathgrips breakingmom boston bestof askgaybros arma WildNews WeAreTheMusicMakers ThatsARepost Terraria TalesFromRetail Silverbugs ShinyPorn ScotchSwap RandomActsOfPizza PKA Metalcore Madden LGG3 JusticePorn Jeep IAmA HomeImprovement GiftofGames GfycatDepot Coilporn Browns Baking AnythingGoesNews whatcarshouldIbuy titanfall theworldnews tattoos shittyreactiongifs russia relaxedpokemontrades panthers ottawa offbeat lotr lewronggeneration letsplay houston hometheater guitarpedals gamedev galaxynote4 firstworldproblems facepalm elMatadero dating_advice cordcutters cock climbing catpictures audiophile asktrp ThisIsOurMusic Pets Pathfinder_RPG Parenting Mindcrackvids LucidDreaming InteriorDesign GameSale Frugal FIFACoins Economics Documentaries CollegeBasketball ClashOfClansRecruit Catholicism Bad_Cop_No_Donut xbox360 unitedkingdom ukraina trashy trance thewalkingdead t0mf spankingvideos socialism seduction rage nothingbutheels netflix needadvice muacirclejerk mflb mexico mechmarket islam gameminer firstimpression elderscrollsonline drunk doctorwho dndnext dataisbeautiful csgobetting counterstrike cosplay chromeos caps boobs beermoney batman audioengineering ar15 androidcirclejerk YayAnimalPix Warhammer40k UsefulWebsites Unexpected TryingForABaby Toontown TAAOfficial Surface SpaceNewsBot Rainmeter MotoX Military MapPorn MUTCoinSelling LongDistance LadyBoners LGBTnews GirlsPicCollection GUDRSPLAYERS FreeKarma Fishing FetishItems EDC Dentistry DCcomics Bandnames AverageJoeAudiophile Autos ArtJunkie webcomics ukpolitics totalwar softwareswap sneakermarket sanfrancisco sandiego redditrequest rawdenim rangers progresspics pitbulls phoneverification penpals oculus newzealand misleadingthumbnails microgrowery lgbt italy gtaonline gtaglitches gardening gamingsuggestions france drawing diablo3 dbz crossdressing computers christmas characterdrawing bodyweightfitness bjj bigh beertrade aves androiddev androidapps actuallesbians UpliftingNews TeraOnline StLouis ShouldIbuythisgame ShadowBan SSBM ProtectAndServe PoliticalTalk PlantedTank OpTicGaming NYGiants MilitaryPorn KeybaseProofs KIKSnaps Gunners GuessTheMovie GameTrade GameDeals Flipping Eberron DenverBroncos Cyberpunk CODClanHQ BostInno AskVet AskScienceFiction

Not Long Enough

Ironically, a list that large (or only of that size) doesn't actually address my needs as many of the most useful subreddits only get intermittent action.
Pie Graph of Subreddits with 'Programming' in Name in TimeSpan Reviewed - Jan 2015 The above in tabular form.
Note: the significant proportion of 1's.

Reddits with 'Programming' in Name Hits
learnprogramming 30
programming 9
iOSProgramming 7
programminghorror 1
futureofprogramming 1
ProgrammingBuddies 1
C_Programming 1
AskProgramming 1

These are Subreddits that I'm already following.

Subreddits Following Hits
Programming 9
Python 3
TheoryOfReddit 0
redditdev 0

Two misses means I'm batting 50%.
I guess I need to do a wider sweep.
which at 2 seconds a post
(reddit's API limit)
could take a while.

In the meantime...
well, I'll think of something.

Brett Stuff

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