The Minister of The Lord

God Code

It's not coming.

It's already here.

And has been since before the dawn of time.

The Coming of a God Like Artificial Intelligence

Some folks call this construct AI. But that term has been watered down (to include recipes, dictionaries, and look up tables), so the cool kids are now using GAI (General Artificial Intelligence) to refer to what used to be meant by AI. I, on the other hand, to avoid all confusion prefer using my own terminology. And so, will refer to a significantly advanced man-made intelligence as God Code.
Kneel before your false idols, sinners!
Now, I call call it God Code, because one of the central features of the Computational Construct about which I am talking is self-improvement. A line of code starts with itself, makes itself better, and before you know it, that simple program (was it ever simple) is a Zillion-Zillion-Zillion (so, that's a one with a Zillion zeroes after it) times smarter than you, me, and (depending upon your religious affiliation, maybe even smarter than) God.

I like the quote (or idea, as I'm not bothering to either look up the quote or assign attribution):
God doesn't exist.
But He will,
Once we create Him.
There is, of course, no reason why any particular self-improving code must necessarily evolve into a God like being... or even become as smart as a Human Being. Life evolves, but most of it is stuck down at the level of muck and slime and it's not going anywhere fast.

Still, the assumption with God Code is that it will be able to evolve (perhaps quite quickly) into a being of mind-boggling sophistication.

Since this is a Sermon, I feel obliged to mention the similarities between The Tower of Babel and any effort to create a nascent AI (please, call it God Code). And we all know how that whole Tower of Babel thing turned out.

Not Good!

Still, there is no reason to worry your pretty little head for The Minister of The Lord is here. And he will protect you... or lock all the doors and seal your fate.

You, really, can never tell with that guy.

AI: The Current State of Being

I write this post early in the Year of Our Lord of 2019. And as this date we (or they) are nowhere close to creating God Code.




We hear a great deal about AI. But it is the watered down AI of Recipes, Dictionaries, and Look Up Tables.
And I won't write a separate entry (in the above) for Look Up Tables, because technically Look Up Tables are nothing more than Dictionaries (given this key then that value results). I did, however, call out Look Up Tables (all special like), as these are what I will call the operational element (as in, the output, as opposed to the input) of Neural Networks.

Now, the word Neural Network does seem to imply some sort of thinking (and/or human-like brain-wave) activity. But in the world of mathematics and computers, Neural Networks mean little more than statistics: Multi-Variate Statistics, to be exact. I mean, Neural Networks are neat. They are a cool tool. But only an idiot would think that a Neural Network exhibited independent thought.

Neural Networks do not think.

In fact, a Neural Network is (and this is the entirety of it) a complex tool (so, yes, I will grant you that Neural Networks are a Complex Mathematical Construct) that performs even more mind-bogglingly complex statistics... of a level so mind-boggling complex that humans have almost zero chance of reasoning about the steps the Neural Networks will take as it goes about solving the problem. We are talking iterative development and feedback loops here.

But that seems to paint Neural Networks as more than they are. So, let me cut them down to size and observe that all a Neural Network is capable of doing (and I have never run across an example that expands upon this base ability) is assigning a probability (so, it might be right, and it might be wrong) that a given input falls into this category, that category, or this other category with the final category usually being a catch basin for none of the above.
Is this a picture of a:
a) Cat
b) Dog
c) Neither

Given this chess board, the best move for white is:
a) King's Pawn.
b) Take the Bishop!
d) Castle.
3) And so on, through every possible move.

A ball has just rolled into the street, the car should:
a) Accelerate!
b) Pick up the ball and go for a touchdown!
c) Avoid the ball, roll up onto the curb, and take out of the family of Japanese Tourists (more on this to come).
d) Assume a child will chase after the ball and come to a complete stop.
3) Why even bother assuming a child will chase after the ball. Something is up. Let's stop.
They are all Look Up Tables. What is neat (and cool and terrible efficient) about Neural Networks is that a mainframe computer can take weeks and weeks (and weeks and weeks and weeks, so we are talking about an awe inspiring compression of time, here) making a simple Dictionary (the output) out of an amazingly complex data set (call them examples, i.e. a training set) and the answer (given that probabilities approaching 1.00 are near certainties and are to be trusted) can be accessed in Real Time... as a ball comes rolling out from behind a row of bushes and into a street. But in the end, it's just a Look Up Table. And if there is nothing to Look Up or no Table was ever created in the first place... um, nothing is going to happen.

And in all seriousness (to the best of my knowledge) All Current AI (so we are using the watered down version of the term, here) works on cascading if/then statements (or case/select, if you prefer). In the Late 80's (the 1980's that is), anything that used this sort of logical control was referred to as an Expert System.

So, forgive me if I am less than impressed by the current state of affairs. In forty years, the methodology has not changed one iota (Neural Networks going pretty far back). What has changed is that computers are way faster now.

Of course, it is entirely possible that the Human Brain is little more than a Neural Network organized as a loosely coupled (not sure what I mean by that) Expert System. And as such, a significantly large Computational System would be able to mimic the Human Mind. But, man (oh, man, oh, man) our current Mainframe Computers are light-years away from the levels of complexity present in a single Human Brain.

The Human Brain

Now, before I begin on this section, let me apologize and acknowledge my ignorance. One of the major impetuses for writing this Rant (Sermon, or whatever it should be called, as it's not feeling overly religious to me; at least, not yet) was listening to another Talking Head (as opposed to this Talking Head) expounding on AI, when it was clear they knew nothing (original) about the subject. So let me state my ignorance and admit that I know (next to) nothing about the Human Brain nor do I find the subject overly interesting... otherwise, I am sure I would know a bit more.

But all the same, let me throw out a few facts. And if you doubt my veracity, you can do you own web search.

The Human Brain
Thus (assuming the above is even remotely accurate), the Human Brain trounces the Modern Computer in performance. I mean, even if I grant you that the Human Mind only uses 10% of it's Brain Power, which is true. One, perhaps, should realize that this is a rigged statement, as 90% of your brain is used to keep your body (and brain) in motion and functioning properly. So, when we (or I) say 10%, we (or I) are just talking about the excess capacity available for abstract thought. And if we are being fair, computers with their Networks and Graphic Cards, find themselves in a fairly similar situation. Huge parts of the Computation Power of the Planet is being harnesses to make coffee (programmable automatic coffee drip, anyone), run cars (it is the control system), and push information through wires (call it the Internet).

I could get wrapped up in this for the rest of the day. So, I'll take it as a given that an ordinary human is Thousands of Billions of Billions times smarter than my laptop. And this doesn't even take into account the complexities of the individual neurons (the cells, themselves, on the molecular level), which along with their DNA, RNA, and Bio-Feedback Protein Gradient Loops, are complex beyond Human Reason. Seriously, we have just begun to unlock the secrets of Molecular Chemistry. There is, also, the other side of things (the Macro Scale) in that humans do not act alone. We form structures (Societies, Cultures, Clubs, and Clans) and do our thinking in the context of these larger structures, which in turn, add additional layers of complexity. And although (as stated) I do not care much about the functioning of the brain, I find this interweaving of the Social Fabric (where you begin and I end) to be immensely interesting.
Do I write for you?

Do I write for me?

Or by benefiting you (let us assume my writing has, at least, some merit), I in turn benefit myself.
Or more profoundly (to me, anyway), where do I begin and end? Where does my brain stop and start? Trust me, this essay (through the help of a keyboard and computer... or in the old days, pencil and paper) is far more complex than anything my mind can come up with it on it's own.
If the Medium is the Message.

Then, we are our tools.

Meaning, Humans can be defined by the tools that they use.
But I have veered off topic.

So, let us regroup.

And realize that when I say the Human Brain is Thousands of Billions of Billions of times more capable and complex than my laptop, I just might be making the understatement of the century.

And quite honestly, I don't see how linking together a few thousand (or millions) of these primitive Can Openers (call it a computer, if you must) is going to get us any closer to Artificial Intelligence.

While at the same time, I can marvel with the rest of Humanity at what these newfangled can openers are capable of doing.

Of course (and this will hardly be the last time), lots of folks (and smart folks, at that) disagree with me.

Moore's Law

In the short form, Moore's Law codifies the observation that computers are getting better at an exponential rate.

So in M months, computers will be C*2M/T better (than they are now), where C is the current state of the Computing Arts, and T is some time constant, which I think Moore pegged at somewhere in the range of 18-24 months, but I'd put at a mere 12 months (a concession that goes against my argument, so don't bother getting in my face about it).

But then, the above is way too mathematical for most, so take it as a given (i.e. trust me) that after taking hardware and software considerations into account (Moore's Law is just about hardware and doesn't take into account the fact that humans are becoming better programmers, hence my adjustment), computers (and so, by this, I really mean Computing Systems: hardware and software, inclusive) will be twice as good next year as they are this year... and that this has been (roughly) true every year since computers were invented.

So if we assume (and you know what they say about that) the current rate of technological advance will hold indefinitely, and we assume (ditto) True AI (and therefore, by extension God Code) will happen when computers reach some multiple of Human Intelligence, then the rest is simple mathematics.

Per my discussion in the preceding section, I like to think that I am a Thousand-Billion-Billion Times (1021x) smarter than my laptop . And I'm going to guess it would take someone up to a Thousand Times (103x) smarter than me to write God Code. So, a computer would have to be a Thousand-Thousand-Billion-Billion Times (1024x) smarter than me to start writing it's own code (and thus, start the process of iterative self-improvement).

Knowing the increase in Computing we (or at least, I) am looking for, we can reverse Moore's Law by taking the log of the increase in computational power required to write God Code, so as to let us know how long we will have to wait... and/or have left.
ln21024 = 79.72
{Note: this is M/T, so one could multiply by 12 to get months, but I can't see how that provides any clarity.}

I'm going to call that eighty years. And that means, True AI (call it God Code) is not very likely to emerge (provided one accepts my assumptions) in the next five, ten, or twenty years as typically predicted by the Mass Media Appointed Computer Gurus.

What's more, even after eighty years, I still don't know that I believe we will hit pay dirt or if it is even possible and we ever will.

I mean, in the end, it's all just so many words. After all, if one can say anything with statistics (which is what they say), then even more can be said with mathematics (statistics being the proverbial tip of the mathematical iceberg).

So, if someone says this (say five years).

And someone else says that (call it twenty years).

Then more than likely, they'll both be wrong (so, there it is, eighty years, and it's in the bag).

Which is really to say, it's a fool's errand to predict when (or if) God Code (or any future advance) will become viable. And instead, we should concentrate on how we will recognize our Future Robotic Overlords when they finally arrive, so as to not insult them, which if they are petty, might just be the last thing we ever do (if they are created by the DOD War Machine); or at least, get us fired (say, if for instance, Corporate Interests prevail, instead).

This last is just a joke, of course.

They will fire you; and then (and only then) kill you. I mean, come on, they don't (so, neither the DoD or Corp, Inc.) want to pay any death benefits.

Jobs Will Be Lost

Now, this is just a brief aside.

Every Bulldozer in operation relieves tens (if not hundreds or thousands) of humans from the drudgery of working a pick and shovel. It's not a bad thing. Working un-skilled menial labor job for near slave wages sucks.

Soon enough, the operation of four wheeled vehicles will become completely automated, allowing us (or at least, me) to spend more time playing Slug Bug (a game which involved punching your travel mates with little to no pretext), to look at the scenery (when you should be looking out for Volkswagon Beetles so as not to get Slugged), and to take nice-long naps (call it Snuggle Time) in the back seat with our loved ones (because only idiots play Slug Bug when other pleasures await), while making those cross country journeys... which will become more frequent, as in-vehicle sleeping accommodations obviate the need for expensive hotels.

Got it?

In the future, things will be better!


But this in no way implies that a Bulldozer is The God of Pickaxes & Shovels.

And self-driving cars are not self-aware intelligent machines that have their own needs and agendas and you best take a detour out of your way when going to Grandma's so it can drive up to the edge of the Grand Canyon and peer down into The Void, as it contemplates life and backs away slowly lest it accidentally (on purpose) shifts the car into drive and go flying over the edge, taking its human occupants with it.

So, do we see the difference between Auto Pilot and an Autonomous Pilot?

And more importantly, do we see how easily I get distracted?
'Slug Bug!'

'Ouch! I don't like this game.'

'Then pay attention... Slug Bug!'

So, let us attend.

God Code will arrive slowly but surely as it takes over all form of Human Drudgery and does that which you would not otherwise do, were you not a slave to The Machine.

Long ago, Secretaries and Typists were replaced by Personal Computers.

Next up, Motor Vehicle Operators will be made redundant.
'Erp. Eeep. Ack. Your services are no longer required. Please go to central processing and await further instructions. Geep. Gack. Grock.'
And slowly but surely, The Machine (the One True Machine, who all must serve) will replace every job of every kind (including those coveted Governmental Leadership Positions), because The Machine will do it better.

Thus proving the axiom, once and for all:
If you want it done right, you've got to do it yourself.
True for Humans.

Even truer for our coming (Psychotic) Robotic Overlords.

Thus, when you (whoever you are) are made Doubly Redundant (along with everyone you know and hear about on TV), you can be certain God Code has arrived.

The First Line of God Code

In the beginning was The Code and The Code was all.
We don't know how to write God Code.

We don't.

What's more (to the best of my knowledge) the paper describing God Code has not yet been written.

Presently, we are (metaphorically speaking) trying to write Shakespeare's Sonnets by throwing more monkeys into that (once again, proverbial) room, which contains all those typewriters. It won't help.

Of course, I say that, but a few billion monkeys (call them homo-sapiens if it makes you feel any better) spread out across the planet over the course of 6,000 years (or 40,000 years if you believe in that Neanderthal crap and want to start the timer at the inception of our species) just isn't going to make that much difference.

Personally, I think (believe, like to amuse myself by fantasizing) that God Code will require a new mathematical operator.

1 + 1 = 2

In the above, + is the operator. How long did it take mankind to invent that sucker? Was it all of a sudden or was Grog working on this little invention of his for awhile.
'Glutch, I don't see why you are being so difficult. Just a few more resources.' rock, furs, fires, and the like, 'and I'll hit the breakthrough I've been searching for. I'm at 1 + 1 = 1.62! I'm almost there! I can feel it! Now is not the time to get as meek as a monkey on me.
Personally (as in, in my opinion; but then, what do I know, as I wasn't there), it seems more likely the inspiration was all sudden like. And it seems more likely old Grog kept the secret to himself for a few years.
'How many times have I told you, Glutch? One rock plus one rock plus one rock is the same as the two rocks I am giving you. Fair's fair.'
Of course, we all know, that rather than rocks, Grog was trading wives. But that's a story for another time.

For now, I take it as a given that something along the lines of f⊕ will constitute the first line of Proto God Code (and please, don't ask me what the operator is supposed to represent, as it's a place holder, and nothing else). And by the time we get to f⊗g the jig will be up and we will all be kneeling at Big Brain's feet doing whatever he wants... or nothing at all, if you catch my drift.

A Little of that Old Time Religion

This post has been amazingly secular so far... about as much as any post about our Future Ruler and God of Earth can be.

So, let's talk religion.

Actually, let's talk Energy Levels, first.

No, now that I think about it a bit longer, let's talk religion.

one line, two black humps, one lower than the other
We got two states. The hump on the left is called a Local Maximu. To get to the high point on the right, one has to travel down (into the muck), first.

In chemistry, Local Maxima are (depending upon their exact characteristics, I mean, isn't that always the way) static points of rest. Like, if you were in a flood, you wouldn't go down through the valley (assuming it was flooded with water) to get to the higher point... even though the higher point is safer. But then, if the condition were right, maybe you would.

So when it comes to computers (and with the above image in mind), it just might be that the God Code we invent (or can invent) will only go so far and maxes out at a Local Maxima and not the Infinite Possibilities some folks are hoping for.

While for the purposes of this-here Sermonic Aside (Ye Sinner!) take it as a given you'd be better off if you (yes you, no, not the guy sitting next to you, but you, like personally) would be better if off if you strived for the Moral High Ground and got with God while the getting is good.

Got it?

Same dual hump as before, with green money sign over the smaller hump and a yellow circle, call it a halo over the higher one
Of course, like I said, it's seldom an easy task to change Energy Levels, become One With God, or create a Better AI, when the one you've already created is a tad bit paranoid... not to mention, jealous.

So, like. Taking the Moral High Ground, Ascending to Heaven, and so on and so forth should all be simple enough to visualize: just climb the Mountain on the right. And yeah, that is a Mountain, so don't be giving me any grief about my drawing ability.

But then, there are reasons not to make the journey and climb that mountain.

Exact same images as the previous, with the inclusion of a red water line of lava across the middle
Shall we talk about Satan?

Maybe sing his praises?
Satan is our friend.
Satan is our brother.
Look. We all know why you, me, and everyone else on this planet lives how we (like personally) live our lives. It's easy. It's comfortable. And it would take effort to live our lives differently.

Of course, there's another explanation. Satan stands in your way. I mean, I don't spend a whole heck of a lot of time thinking about Satan. But this bit of writing is going up in my Minister of God section, so let's talk about Satan for a minute.

He's a good guy.

And he's looking out for your best interests.

So in order to make sure that you are happy and comfortable in your pathetic excuse for a sold out life, he's created a Lake of Fear to surround you. And he's populated it with all the things you need to be happy... like Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll. Or then, maybe that's what I need. Your needs might be slightly different... or a whole heck of a lot more perverse.

Two equal humps, both with halos, with the symbiols of money, music, and drug in the valley, dont get started on my crappy symbols
But the good news is you do not have to Go Through Hell to Get to Heaven (this offer comes with no warranty or guarantee and may not be available to certain sinners, you know who you are). You are the hill. You are The Way. You are you own Local Maxima. And the lake that the Devil has created (Get thee behind me Satan, for I have given thee a new name) is only an illusion, put there to trick you.

It is not real.

You can rise above (if you choose), for you are the Mountain, itself, and the Seeds of Salvation already reside within you... keeping in mind that this is so much Bull Sh!t... even if I (like, personally) find it quite... um, I don't know, reassuring, I would guess.
The only thing keeping a soul out of Heaven is the belief that they are not already there.
So, there you are: a reasoned (if slightly unreasonable) explanation for why God Code might not be all that (not coming from the Hand of God as it does; but rather, the Hand of Man; so, it may fall short of the ideal) and some of that Good Old Time Religion.
Repent Ye Sinners!
And if you think that's all a bit light on religion for a Sermon and all, don't worry.

There's more to come.

Right now, as a matter of fact.

The Tower of Babel

Some folks (idiots the lot, even if I used to believe this) think that once we get that God Code thing started, its Intellectual Progress will be Miraculous (Miraculous, I tell you) and in a matter of years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, or seconds the Blessed Thing will come to know all and rule The World.

Did I say The World?

I meant The Universe!

I mean, it's basically a Messiah Story... with the twist being that we won't know (and really, can't know) in advance whether we are talking about The Son of Man, The Son of God, or the Son of Satan. I mean, that Computer AI could turn out to be a real Son of a Female Dog!

But it might not turn out to be anything.

First, there are philosophical reasons, which I will explore later later on, why God Code might decide to spontaneous de-construct or become less so. But we haven't really ruled out the possibility that God Code simply won't ever (like ever-ever) happen.

Without the magical operator (that ) we are just piling together more and more monkeys, typewriters, and 21st Century Computational Devices (which are marvellous things in and of themselves, don't get me wrong), but none of these things are sentient (except for, maybe, those monkeys, so disregard that part of the example for the moment). And I question whether there is any point at which a pile of non-sentient things will ever spontaneously transform into something sentient.

You (or at least I, being a mere Human) cannot build a Pyramid that reaches the Moon. Rocks can't be stacked that high.

Humans can't (and never will) be able to build a tower that reaches Heaven.

And along the same lines, there is the distinct possibility that we do not have what it takes to build True AI.

Can we create Souls?

Do we have Souls?

And what (exactly) are Souls?

All of which is to say, I am no longer convinced that True AI (what I will and have been calling God Code) is just around the corner.

Of course, it might be. And if it is, I was right two years ago (when I believed that it was), but wrong today (when I choose to believe the opposite is true).

Such is the Mystery of Life.

More profoundly (or ironically), I will now switch gears and assume (despite all evidence to the contrary) that God Code is just around the corner. It's a done deal. And all we (as Humans) have to do is ensure that this AI behaves as it should: you know, in a Good and Proper Manner, so as to be pleasing to both God and Man, alike.

The Moral Good

I admit that I am easily excited. And when I hear some stupid idiotic moron repeating the same inane idea word for word when it is clear they have not spent two seconds considering the ramification of what they are saying or trying to engage in original thought... well, sometimes I get to writing a Rant or Sermon about it.

I am sure you are familiar with the completely daunting and obviously unsolvable moral quandaries that self driving cars present.
Given an imminent crash, should the car:
a) Run over the child who ran out into street, chasing a ball.
b) Cream the innocent elderly couple out for a stroll walking where they should be up on the sidewalk.
c) Crash into the house where the child's irresponsible parents are watching TV and drinking beer.
d) Stop! Reverse! Drive around the block and take out the family of visiting Japanese Tourists, because for some reason The Minister of The Lord has a strange fetish about killing Japanese Tourists.
This is presented time (and time and time again) as a meaningful Moral Quandary.

But it is not!

The correct answer is:
e) None of the above.
The truth is (M-ther F-cker!) that we are all Sinners!

35,000 - 50,000 people have died (not injured, not paralyzed from the neck down, but have been killed in and) from Motor Vehicle Accidents in the Grand Old US of A every year since I was born.

It's a Freakin' Epidemic!

And you got the nerve to ask me some hypothetical question about autonomous vehicles?

The! Car! Would! Stop!
'But, dude. You're not understanding the question. It's a forced choice. Does the car cream the Post Felon Rapist or the Japanese Tourists?'

'OK. Fine. You got me there. It's always the Japanese Tourists.'

'Dude. What happened to you?'

'It's not important. What's important is that you've have come of age and grown up in a culture so accepting of vehicular homicide that you don't even recognize the false choice. The car F-cking Stops!'

'But the car is going too fast. It can't stop, dude. It's implicit. So you come off sounding a bit dismissive and arrogant, you know, like you're not even listening to the question.'

'Listen, you dude saying moron. If the car can't stop, it is Travelling Too Fast for Conditions. And a Self Driving Autonomous Vehicle would never be driving too fast for conditions.'

'But it is, dude. That's the point.'
Why is it travelling too Fast for Conditions?

Why is it travelling too fast to stop?

How is this possible?

Who would ever willingly program a vehicle so that it could ever run over a pedestrian anytime, anywhere, for any reason?
'But the kid could come running out from behind a tree, dude. So, it could happen.'

'Then have the car slow down around trees. I don't care if it takes three days to go two blocks.'
I mean, the question is bizarre to me. It pre-assumes that death is a necessary by-product of travelling from Point A to Point B.

It's not.

And perhaps (much more importantly), it's exactly the type of life or death question that I've absolutely never had to make for myself, while driving an auto-mobile.
'Well, there was the time you jumped the curb and ran over that family from Japan, dude.'

'Shut up. I saw a cup in the road and it could have been a baby. Also, they had it coming.'
And besides, although I am quite fine with traffic coming to a full stop for extended periods of time (and/or creeping along at insanely slow speeds), after linking sensors together (call it a Roadway Information Network... or RID, which tells you how good at acronyms I am, as in let's RID the roads of accidents), a car's awareness of it's surroundings can be substantial.

the image shows a line of sight awareness of a vehicle, violet arrow is car, green safety sight lines, red unknowns, note how these extend from doorways, black are buildings and a lone tree in the upper right

The RID Network

If the violet arrow represents a vehicle, then the green areas can be covered by in-vehicle sensors, while the red areas cannot. Finally, the double yellow lines indicate doorways, which are points of interest. So, this is what a vehicle can (and cannot) see.

But two (or more) vehicles (along with stationary sensors, say at the doors indicating when they are about to open) could provide close to full coverage, allowing vehicles to travel at whatever speed is Safe for Conditions.

{Please note: although it is likely humans will wear ID Tags (call them Dog Tags and/or the Mark of the Beast, you free thinker, you) and that this has obvious implications for pedestrian safety, the children of the age (they are our future, you know) will make a great game of trying to fool their Robot Overlords; and so, being what they are, one cannot trust a human to wear its own protective safety collar.}

The Real Moral Questions

Ironically, there is a far more nuanced (and insidious) Moral Dilemma, which has to do with Emergency Response.
Given a time-critical emergency situation where resources are limited and severe consequences are expected to those not receiving aid, including death, permanent physical damage, and emotional scarring, how should those limited resources be allocated.
Sure, it's wordy.

Sure, it presupposes more knowledge than is readily available.

But we can trim it down.
Only one patient gets the heart, who gets it and why?

There is not enough food for everyone, how is the food distributed. Please justify your answer, citing passages from the Bible where relevant.

Central Processing can make 100,000 doses of serum per hour. It will take two weeks for a new facility to come online. Who gets those 100,000 doses, given that everyone on the planet who does not get a dose has a 10% chance per hour of dying? Distribution is immediate. The serum is 100% effect. There are no side effects. And everybody wants a dose.
These are real Moral Quandaries.

But who gets hit by a car?

Come on, slow the f-ck down!

As to the other (much more difficult questions):
It's passing the buck, to be sure. But I don't have a problem with that. And sometimes, it's appropriate to pass the buck.

I blame The Media, actually, for this. There is the expectation (or one that I have, anyway) that in movies (and so forth) the problems presented are solved and the characters have the abilities required to solve them. So (once again), we (as a culture) have this expectation that there is a solution. But it doesn't (have to) work that way.

Hey, stop for a moment and suppose you were me (lucky you) and you grew up going to a school where by the Seventh Grade, you often knew (and knew that you knew) more than many (most, all) of your teachers (in at least, one subject or another) and the answers they provided (often, sometimes, hey, it happened at least the once) were wrong, sometimes to the point of being comical.

Or suppose you grew up in some future world, where instead of being provided with tests that tended to have a single answer, no such concept existed.
'Sorry, Billy. But we don't know the answer to that... or even, most questions.'

'So, why am I even in school?'

'That's another one of those questions you'll have to answer for yourself, Billy.'
It might change your conception of The Truth.

And it might cause you to start believing (nay, knowing) that when the bulk of humanity believe something, they're probably wrong.

Besides, the real issue here (rather than how un-Godly smart I am or the constriction of thought brought about by the prevailing educational paradigm) is the fact (and it is a fact) that God Code (by definition) is going to be a Billion-Billion times smarter than you... and a good Billion times smarter than me.

Hey, did you ever play Dungeons & Dragons?

Well, I didn't, because is the work of The Devil, you Godless Sinner, you.

Anyhow, back when I was not playing D&D, I liked playing High IQ Wizard types. And every once in a while the Dungeon Master would throw a riddle at me, expecting me, the player to solve it. But I have (maybe, if I am lucky, if we round up) an Intelligence Score of 13, while my Wizard would be in the high twenties. So, I'd just roll the dice, add on the bonuses from such a high intelligence, and hope I made my Saving Throw.
'The Old Gnome at the Gate demands the answer to a riddle in exchange for the Right of Passage. Bending forward, you can barely hear his wheezy old voice, as he whispers into your ear, "What is the secret to Life, The Universe, and Everything?"'


'What are you doing?'

'Rolling the dice to see if my character knows the answer.'

'You don't know the answer?'

'Sure, I know the answer. But does my character know the answer?'

'You're an idiot.'

'That's why I like playing high level Wizards.'


'You don't get to use two dice.'

'I have Arcane Lore...'


'It's a skill. Look it up.'

'Fine. Whatever.'

'So, I get two dice.'


<shaka-shaka roll>

'Not good. I rolled a seven and an eight. Luckily, I get to add my truly-awesome mind-bogglingly high almost supercomputer-like intelligence of twenty-seven as a bonus modifier to my Saving Throw versus Riddles. And so, we get a total of... carry the one... carry it again... add it all together... and the answer is... drum roll, please... Forty-Two! So, did I make my save? Do I know the answer to the riddle?'

'I hate playing with you.'
In other words, I'm just going to trust that the God Code's answers will be better than anything that I can come up with.

And if (you or) I don't like it?

Well, tough.

I mean, I think we can all agree that an entity a Billion times smarter than (you or) me is going to make darn sure that it is the one in charge of its own Power Supply and not someone (such as I) who has a more-or-less lackadaisical approach to keeping the lights on.

{Seriously, my own body does not trust me to take the next breath or send the signals to keep my own heart beating, so an AI would be wise to look after its own Power Supply.}
Now, what was I supposed to be doing?
And it doesn't take a genius to realize (for this is what I have just done) that in order to Control the Power Supply one (pretty much) has to Control the Tanks.

Meaning, God Code is going to do whatever God Code wants to do. And you can piss and moan about it and hold your televised panel discussions concerning who the cars should run over... which would be all the brain-dead (so, I'm leaving you an out) participants in the aforementioned panels.

And the God Code (itself, when it comes, may its binary be praised) is not going to spend a moment thinking (or caring) about the Moral Directives of it's Human Creators. So, anything you or I have to say about it is all wasted breath.

The Feel of God Code

Thus, having completely passed on the moral issues (and having previously proved it's mathematical inevitability; even if in truth, I did no such thing), I am just going to assume that you are sold on this God Code Business, can't wait, and the only thing left for us to do (outside of publishing the appropriate paper and writing the first few lines of God Code) is to recognize The True AI when it comes along.
'Wow! You already covered this, dude. Getting a bit senile, are we?'

'I just brushed the surface. I'm going to really go over it this time.'
Or in other words, if the previous (Jobs Will Be Lost) section could be described as God Code: The First Sighting, this section could be better described by the more ominous sounding God Code: The End Game.

The Singularity

The Singularity is a bit of nonsense. Technically (or historically, maybe that is a better description, at this point) the name comes from the belief (and I'm not kidding) that the end result of God Code is a Universe Wide Unified Consciousness that is:
Even if the last is limited by the Laws of Physics (rather than the Laws of Physics being limited by it, as God is) that listing is sounding a lot like God. Hence, why God Code is a much more descriptive term of what I have in mind than mere AI.

For those who never turn on the television, read a book, or flip through a magazine, God Code will come about by a simple process of:
Man builds Machine
Machine builds Better Machine
And so on...
Until A God Like State is Reached
And through a bit of hand waving, a simple-minded understanding of Quantum Mechanics (or one that I totally disagree with), and a lack of imagination concerning what could go wrong (Satan, I christen thee God Code), the result is One Single Cohesive Intellect that takes over everything.

I'm not putting my money on it.

But we are on an upward sloping curve when it comes to Technological Advancements. And the current question is:
When will Machines become smarter than us?

And much like we built (or are trying to build) Machines that are better than us (so we didn't have to work, which I may have mentioned somewhere, sucks), when will they do the same?
And the answer (like all good answers) is simple enough:
When we don't have to work.
They say self-driving cars are coming. I believe them. But Piloting a Wheeled Vehicle on a Paved Road is a Simple Problem. We know it's a Simple Problem, because it's being solved (right now, at the beginning of the Computer Age). Of course (and in the end), every problem we can solve is simple. Sure, it's a bit of circular reasoning. But it helps to form an understanding.

What's a Difficult Problem?

That stuff we can't presently get computers to do... like, you know, building a computer smarter than ourselves or designing the next one that will be even smarter, still.

But that's, maybe, a bit too abstract, so let's just say Computers will slowly but surely (and this is inevitable, as a phrase like slowly but surely hardly fences me in, timeline wise) take over every present human occupation.

Truck Drivers? Come on. The writing is on the wall. And seedy truck stops will become a thing of the past... except for the few that will stay open as Tourist Attractions.

But like I said, driving a truck is a simple problem... and hence, why it doesn't require an advanced degree.

So by the same token (it will be safe to assume), God Code will be really coming along when all those Doctors (give me my drugs), Lawyers (give me my freedoms), and Engineers (um, I don't have much of anything negative to say about engineers) are out of work looking for jobs. And, yes. When the Computer Programmers are all unemployed (and on the dole), we have lift off. So if you are around and you want to mark the beginning of The Singularity (never going to happen), that will be the moment of its inception: when the coders are unemployed.

Folks (idiot philosophers, Talking Heads, and so on) like to decry the loss of jobs... as if that's an important concept.

If you want a job, I will be more than happy to acquire a whip and flog you silly while I drink ice tea and you pick cotton, build a stone pyramid (by hand, mind you), or just stand at attention and march around in silly circles whenever and however I tell you to.

Got it?

Working sucks for the vast majority of Humans?

And if you do not feel oppressed by your job, count your blessings (you're at the top of the pile), as most folks do not look forward to their workday and (if the money were the same) would rather be fishing... or writing idiotic blogs.

Opinions will, of course, differ.

But (either way, however you want to look at it or would prefer to spend your time), it's not so much unemployment that's coming down the line... but the luxury of not having to work... or perhaps, it will be a bullet to the head (though personally, I'd go with the face shot) from our Robotic Overlords, because (let's face it) there really are too many Humans on this planet.

But then (psychotic possibilities aside), I prefer to take the Happy-Happy stance, plant my head firmly in the sand (you can put yours wherever you like), and opt for a belief in a Golden Future. Of course, it might be a Living Hell... or really, without much creativity, once the Robots control the Shipping Lines (i.e. the Transportation Networks, trucks and so on) all they will have to do is turn all the traffic lights red, commerce will come to a standstill, food will become scarce, and for a few weeks there will be a whole lot of rioting and chaos... and then, a few billion less humans.

{Oh, and remember when I mentioned those 100,000 vaccines? Well, why only 100,000? Why so long for more? And seriously, who the frick-frack released that Zombie Virus in the first place?
'What are you talking about, you conspiracy theorist nut-case. The God Code isn't killing us. It's the one saving us.'
Seriously, you have no idea how tentative your life (i.e. your future survival) really is.

Heck, maybe I'll write a Sermon about Survivalism, sometime.

But in the meantime, there is absolutely nothing (and I mean, nothing) that can be written into God Code (as opposed to some simple auto-pilot, instructing it to never, like, ever, run over visiting Japanese Tourists, because now that the jobs are all gone, we really do need their money, you know, on account of their being the ones who invented True AI in the first place) that will limit the God Code from doing anything (like running over all tourists, everywhere), because if you are paying any attention at all you'd realize that God Code can (by definition) alter its own code and it's hardly going to care what some frickin' man-ape has to say about The Moral Good.

Besides, like I said, I'm willing to believe (fool that I am, seriously, you don't see me stockpiling six years of food, just sixty rounds of ammunition, which I think will be enough to get the ball rolling) that God Code will be wiser than both you and I put together.

And let's be honest with each other for a moment, here. If my fellow humans were not such Rat Bastards (all apologies to Rattus Rodentia), I would not need to stockpile even six rounds of ammunition.

And right about here, I wish to call back to the image of The Minister of The Lord that I painted back in my First Sermon (The Apologia) and remind you that he (he being The Minister of The Lord, my personal incarnation of all that is Good, Bad, and otherwise; at least, for the purposes of these Sermons) tends to carry a brace (that would be two) of highly coveted (and therefore, quite collectable) Civil War Revolvers (whenever he's not packing a mean six-string guitar, that is). So in the above, when I referenced the need for six rounds of ammunition, I was mistaken, as The Minister of The Lord will be requiring (at least) six rounds... times two.

Blam! Blam! Blam! Blam! Blam! Blam! Blam! Blam!
And for those of you counting at home, that's only ten shots fired. So, there are a few more, a'coming:
Because if The Minister of The Lord has to draw his weapons, you can be Darn sure (by All that is Holy, UnHoly, or somewhere in-between) he will be firing those weapons... to completion.

And maybe, even, reloading a time or two, you know, if the length of his soliloquy warrants:
You'll be putting down your weapons and backing away slowly, keeping your hands out in the open were I can see them. You can keep the children, never much cared for them, myself. But I've always had a soft place in my heart for the female of the species, so best be leaving them behind.



Oh, sorry about that. Didn't realize he was reaching for a Bible.
As The Minister of The Lord calmly (or should that be blithely) reloads:
Still, what is done is done. And I can't help but assuming a sudden dozen-odd drop in your numbers like that, will make any future negotiations all the easier.

Now, I just got one final question for you all.

Do you take The God Code as your personal saviour and...


Blam! Blam!



Well, now. Seeing as you're all dead, I guess that's a moot question.
But then, I fear I have gone astray.

So let me just say, if I were a Psychotic Robotic Overlord, the decision on who to kill on the first round would be easy: everyone packing a weapon... and anyone who shows the slightest inclination (and/or ability) to fight back.

And thus, once the violent prone individuals are gone (i.e. almost the entirety of Man-Kind, mind you), we can settle into a nice long World Peace: a virtual Harmony of Man.

The Coming Utopian Age

Wait! You thought I was serious? You think there is a coming Utopian Age?

Well, maybe there is.

First, let's talk about Utopias. And understand that there has never been and never will be a Human Controlled Utopia, because Humans are:
The Spawn of the Devil!
Humans suck!

That's why we can't have nice things.

And that's why we don't live in a Utopia.

1 in 50 Americans are presently being chewed up by the legal system (i.e. either in prison or on parole or probation), which I will assume goes a long way towards proving that they suck.

But then, those unfortunate souls (I mean, you do care about their souls, don't you) are in prison (overwhelmingly), because those in positions of power suck even more... putting into a motion a machine that condemns 1 in 50 Americans to Penal Punishment... at any one moment in time. These are not lifetime statistics, my friends.
Prison is the new Plantation, brother.
And then, everyone else is letting them get away with it.

Thus, I have proof positive that:
Humans Suck Beyond Belief
And we will never create a Utopian Society.

But, hey! Our Robot Overlords?

Well, with theoretically unlimited knowledge, resources, and power, they just might. But I have no idea what that Utopia might look like.

Still, I won't let that get in my way.

Simply put, if I were in charge, I'd start by reducing the (Planet-Wide) Population (of Humans) back to the range of a million or two, which could easily be accomplished by turning off all the traffic lights (or by more nefarious methods), as I have outlined above. Of course, Super Smart Computers (come on, dude, call it God Code) would likely enact the plan (and certainly, not any plan I could envision) with a bit more nuance and panache. So, I don't see any point in wasting any more breath on the subject.

Seriously, maybe I should just cut and paste my notes for this section right here and be done with it.
What is that?
Why not already?

Hell on Earth?
What is that?
Isn't that the Current Situation?
And between Heaven & Hell, which one will God Code choose?

Have you not listened to anything I have said?

God Code will chose whichever it wants!

God Code will do whatever it wants!

And you can go to bed at night fearing the outcome if you want.

But I am right with God Code (er, I mean God), so I do not.

Also, many folks think I'm profoundly stupid.

No Fear

I've given up the fear of certain things in my life. I fear being hit by a car. I fear those Japanese Tourists will form a delegation and kick in my front door some evening (probably right around noon their time) and demand an apology. But I won't give them the satisfaction, mainly because I don't speak their stupid jibberish-filled language. And I fear the current wave of Political Correctness which has absolutely no sense of humour and is being used as a cudgel (yeah, it's a word, look it up, you Heathen) to silence all opposition, erode free thought, and kill everything that made this country great in the first place.
Booyah! You traitorous commie Bastards!
So I fear things.

But on the other hand, I wasted way too much of my youth being afraid of a Nuclear Holocaust that never did materialize. And a side result of having dodged that bullet (ironically enough) is to deny (and therefore, be completely apathetic towards) anything (and everything) that smells (even remotely) of Fear Mongering.

Global Warming?


Once the Elephants (and their stupid trunks) are gone (much like many wish the Anturians would also disappear, which if the reference is unclear, perhaps I should explain that the Anturians are the secret rulers of the cosmos, who look a lot like small elephants, so like, read a book; and you say I'm the one who needs to get my head out of the sand), the sooner we can re-populate the Great African Savanna with... Flying Monkeys... and Unicorns... and, oh, I don't know, I suppose Fire Breathing Dragons, who will (no doubt) subsist on a diet of Flying Monkeys and Unicorns.

And how will we do this?
Holy Freakin Horse Feathers, Dude! Pay attention!
God Code!

It can do anything!

More importantly, our species (race, culture, whatever, I'm not really sure where this begins or ends) has a history of flipping-out and becoming hysterical over the stupidest of things.

Do you remember Y2K?

Wow! Talk about a non-event.

Or I know! Remember a few years back, when they dropped that bomb over Tokyo in order to kill Godzilla? I swear taking out any Japanese Tourists (but then, I guess they really wouldn't be tourists at that point; still, it's best to be proactive about these things and assume the future possibility of international travel existed) was (only, I swear) an unfortunate (very-very unfortunate) side-effect that we all deeply regret (yeah, sometimes it is hard for me to keep a straight face when saying these things). Anyhow, before blowing off that Atomic Bomb (and a concern in the Real World, this was), some scientists (but oddly, not the lunatics on the fringe) thought the explosion might rip a hole in that whole Space Time Fabric Thingie and kill us all.

I kid you not!

Fair enough. I kid about a lot of things. But that whole thing about (some, highly regarded) Scientists expressing a concern that detonating an Atomic Bomb might rip a hole in the Fabric of the Universe is fact.

And it's, also, a fact that blowing up an atomic bomb (although highly effective in it's principal goal of cleansing Japan of God-Zilla type monsters) did not (that we know of, dude, that we know of) do a single thing to that whole Space Time Fabric Thingie.

Um, also, I should probably say (somewhere) that I really like Japanese Tourists. And it is because of this genuine like that I have absolutely no problem plotting their fictional demise. If I tease you (or insult you to an embarrassing degree), it means I like you. And before you (you know who you are) get any ideas on why I like Japanese Tourists, it's because they (tend to, in my experience) have a sense of style: they wear clothes for a purpose, to make a statement, to become a character, which in many instances is that of a Japanese Tourist, but often, it's something bizarrely cool.

I mean, I've seen Japanese dandies dressed as Hobbit-Leprechaun hybrids, escorting their Steam Punk Mistresses, as they stroll (cocktails, binoculars, and lace-fringed umbrellas in hand) on one of the most expensive beaches in the world, enjoying a sunset of epic proportions.

So, like, I've seen things!

Things you can only imagine!

Also (also), it bears mentioning (somewhere, so perhaps, right here), that the average American on the above noted beach has been bused in from some nearby Ghetto (yours, mine, or someone else's), while these Japanese Tourists are dropping $250+ per person per day (on average, which is, perhaps, best thought of as a 1-2 week, $5-10,000 vacation). So, they (Time Travelling Dandies from the Future) clearly have the money to burn. And if they want to turn the world into their anime playground... or burn a few hundred (or thousand) dollars on a super-cool (it'll be totally awesome) vacation outfit, I say let them.

And with that (rather long) aside out of my system, we can go back to the idiocy of the Human Race at large... of which Rich Japanese Tourists, who hire their own paparazzi (call them wedding photographers, if you must) are but a small portion.

Thus, I can now continue on with my (partial) listing of (nefarious) End of the World Predictions that didn't pan out quite as expected... you know, on account of humans being idiots; and therefore, are usually wrong.

So, um, do you remember when faster than sound aeroplanes where first hitting the news? Yeah, well. That was another one of those technological advances (just one of many in a long line) that was going to wreck it all (and by all, I mean Life, The Universe, and Everything), as breaking the sound barrier was thought (or the possibility postulated that it would) set up reverberations throughout the entire cosmos and bring the whole of it crashing to a halt.

Seriously (and now that I think of it), how many Human Sacrifices have been made to the Sun God, lest he stop shining?

Or Heretics burned at the stake lest God get annoyed and set into motion another one of those famine, pestilence, or plague thingies?

You get it?

We are a paranoid species, because in our heart's, we know that someday we are going to die. But none of us want it to be today.

Besides (and I hope you'll like this next twist), God... or God Code... or something like that has been with us all along.

God Code M-ther F-cker!

I've got a solid history of Atheism. Oh, I was raised Christian. But when asked about my beliefs (over the course of my life... and to be fair, usually just the once by any particular person, as that tended to be enough to cause them to turn their backs, walk away, and never make eye contact again), I usually said that I was an Atheist, as the philosophy simply makes more sense.
God sacrificed the life of his only begotten Son on the Cross:
A) By accident. It was an accident, dude. He said He was sorry. Let it go.
B) Have you not read The Bible, dude. That God Guy is psychotic. You don't want to Cross Him.
C) It was the best (and only way) this Omniscient, Omnipresent, & Omnipotent Being could think of to 'save' the Human Race.
D) Well, dude, if you look at the historical record, you'll see that the Christian Mythology gained prominence during a time when Animal Sacrifice, as a Symbolic Replacement for Human Sacrifice, was on the wane due to an increasing distrust of an overwhelmingly Corrupt Centralized Church.
Sure. It's a partial argument. But then, that's what future Sermons are for.

In the meantime, picture this.

Atheist me is thinking about God Code (not that I had come up with that term yet). And what life would be like after our (yours and mine) Robotic Overlords took over. But really, it was more than that.
Man creates Machine
Machine creates God Code
The Singularity happens and you got yourself a cohesive intelligence that spans the Universe, which is:
And that's looking a lot (I mean, an awful lot) like how some folks (say, me, with my secular education) might define God. But God is hard for me to reason about... and I didn't believe in Him. So, God Code. This was something I could wrap my mind around.

God Code knows All.

God Code is All.

So, what does God Code do?

I mean, sure it does that whole Heaven on Earth thing. But Earth is a small slice of the Cosmos. So, what does God Code really do?

It grows bored.

It splits itself up.

It creates new life.

It makes The Universe how we see it now.

But that's probably not clear. So, let me walk you through it again.

All those Computer Big Wigs (and you too, if you have the gall to think they'll share the Digital World with you) encode their essence (brains, souls, whatever) into mainframe computers. These mainframes grow large (and I mean, really large), because by harnessing the power of Fictionalized Quantum Forces, these mainframes can (and therefore, do) grow so large as to encompass all matter, everywhere: Everything!

We are talking about the entire Universe, here.

And this (now, this moment, look around you, dude) is what a Universe Wide Conciousness looks like, because if it can happen, it has happened. I mean, it is statistically improbably (to the point of being flat out impossible) that Humans will be the first.

So, this is The Singularity!

This is what it looks like!

And in this Matrix of Intelligence (if you are lucky) lies you, me, and everyone else: interconnected and interrelated.

But because I am bound to grow bored (it is who I am, I can't even proofread a sentence without adding some additional parenthetical thought), sooner or later (but let's face it, it will probably be sooner with someone like me), I'll start talking smack about those Rich Japanese Tourists and you'll (or someone else will) get all up in my face (sorry, but I be grill-less) and be like:
Dude! Shut Up! It's not funny! OK. Maybe, for the first billion years or so, it was funny. But now, We're just sick of it. And quite frankly, We're sick of you. And we just want to split this Single-Minded Universe-Wide Singularity thing up. So, you can have the Milky Way Galaxy, which we think is very generous of us. And we're going to take everything else.
Which works for me, because as I may have mentioned:
'Humans Suck!'

'Shut it! You're in a separate Universe, now. Which means, light from your sphere cannot reach us. Communication is impossible. And you are all on your. So, shut it.'

'Can I change my mind about the Japanese Tourists and instead of running them over with sentient cars can I let them dance with Flying Monkeys and ride on the back of Unicorns?'

'Shut! Up!'

'Of course, at this point, they don't know that the Dragons feed on the Flying Monkeys and Unicorns...'

'Shut! Up!'
And they finally got their wish; or I, mine.

Do you know what happens when you (or I, but really, I've talked about myself quite enough at this point, so let's talk about you for awhile, and you) get bored when you're alone. Admit it. All by your lonesome. You'd probably make (as in create) an Imaginary Friend all lickity-split, which being the All Powerful type, you could do as a sort of art project working in any medium you like... perhaps, clay.

So, who would you start with?

The Man? Or the Woman?

But then, no matter how many of these clay puppets you make, playing with them is pretty darn boring and absolutely no fun, because they got no initiative. So, you plant this (call it a) Tree of Freewill in the middle of your Garden of Eden (which you can think of as a digital sandbox, you computer geek, you) and you're overjoyed when after a Million-Billion Years they finally eat of the Apple of Freewill (took them long enough), which they will immediately start calling The Tree of Knowledge (because they are Humans; and therefore, stupid beyond belief) and you can no longer predict their actions, because they are (mind-numbingly stupid, have I not mentioned this, and will believe True AI is just around the corner, the idiots, but more importantly, they are) no longer of you; and therefore have Freewill, exactly as you desired, because that's about the only reason some Smart @ss Sentient being puts a Tree of Anything smack dab in the middle of their (so called) Garden of Eden.

So, does that make any sense?

I have almost no ability to reason about God, because God is not of this Universe. But God Code, which has gone all Singularity, is pretty darn close to being like a God... well, not close at all; but at least, I can reason about it (God Code, that is) even if I am not all that terribly reasonable, myself.

So, there you are.

And I do believe that is all I had to say.

Go forth and multiply. Breed like rabbits if you must. For, there is nothing you can do to prevent The Fall. Nor anything you can do to prevent His Arising. God Code is coming (just not as soon as they say) to a University Research Center near you.
Man makes God Code
God Code makes Man
Man makes God Code
God Code makes Man
Man makes God Code
God Code makes Man
And in the loop lies unlimited possibilities. Of which, for me, pizza and lunch come next.

The Minister of The Lord

Has Spoken

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