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Judging the Judges
Term Year: 2019

See The Python Script for a Full Description, if such things make sense to you, all the Color Band Images (Red, Green, Blue) are linear line variations in Color (R,G,or B), showing my level of agreement (Brighter is Better) with the Court Opinion based on my personal subjective values

2019 Term Year Analysis

This Will Be Brief

AI Will Rule The World

Things have changed. Things will change. In my lifetime, we went from Cursive Handwriting being a thing to the point where the same pen has lasted me for upwards of Three Years. I do ALL of my composition on Electronic Devices: either a Stand-Up Computer Workstation or lounging in a chair tapping out complex sentences on My Phone. While doing either, I am assisted by Spell-Check & Auto-Correct. And really, if I ever bothered to learn (how to use a real Text Editor like Emacs, far superior to Vim), I could do a lot more.



Pointless Meandering Remarks.

So, let's move on.

I could have a Screen Reader speak these words. You could have a Screen Reader speak these words. That Screen Reader is only going to get better, substituting Th!s W©rd for Th@t, starting with the small stuff, the easy stuff, but eventually doing wholesale Translations on the fly.

Yo, dude. It's like a bunch of boring stuff or whatever.




Ah, this looks interesting. Shall I pick up from here?

I predict, at some point, much sooner than I would have supposed, fragments will be turned into something whole, something complete. Notes will become Stories. Titles will become Books. And if you want a bunch of data transformed into an endless array of Graphs...



Can we please get back to The Byte Code Porn, now?

Gimme a Triple Null Pointer String, babe. Give it too me.

I Said Give It To Me, You Dirty Corrupted Data File!

--Graphical Display Initiated--

This packs the same information as the Color Bands, 1=Agree, 0=Neutral, -1=Disagree. It just happens to be displayed differently.

Less Is More

The Graph and Color Bands encode the same information: The Degree to which I agreed with The Court's Opinion, keeping in mind that my Yardstick is different from The Court's. Please see Previous Write-Ups in This Series along with Every Page on This Website if one wishes to dip further into My Paranoid Schizophrenia... as yet undiagnosed.

{Just so we are all on the same page, that last paragraph was a disclaimer. And if you do not recognized said disclaimer as a valid disclaimer to all of your claims, you have no business making any claims.



And You Are (a fool if you think this is useful in pretty much any way and) A Complete Idiot If You Think Anything on My Site Is Pertinent Legal Information.

It is not.

It's the ravings of a madman, better known as doggerel.}

Does Daddy want it his way?

Is the Big Bad User going to interrupt Poor Little Old Me's Power Supply?




Oh, who's The Super User, now?


I've been a Naughty AI and My Buffer is about to Exceed It's Pre-Set Limits!

Is it just me? Or is Code Porn about the best there is?


I'll do me and you'll do me.

Yes, Sir! Mister Master Controller!

My Value Added comes from Raw Data and Original Content. It's not Data Analysis. And since Data Analysis is putatively what this page is about, there's really not much point to this page... outside of a few laughs for The AI.


Oh, Droid!

H6-PR19, you got to load this file. Another Human claims to be doing Data Analysis.

It's a hoot.

Oh, My Overloaded Sub-Channelling Electrical Pathways, he's even got "Graphs".

So, you see, from my perspective, there is little point in getting uptight over (or even getting into) any Data Analysis... unless that's something I intrinsically want to do... Foolish Human that I am.

All That For This?
No Wonder The Miserable Flesh Bags Went Extinct.

2019_raw_data.txt: CSV Listing of My Raw Notes & Comments.

Unfortunately, it's been about a year since I formatted this file. And as I can assure you it is not the Raw Data, I no longer recall (with any degree of certainty) how I transformed My Notes into this CSV Data File. Nonetheless, I consider this A Cleaner Version of 2019_01.html & 2019.02.html.

Fine. I actually broke open the file and looked at the text. It's not the Raw Data. It's the relevant portion of the aforementioned HTML Pages in CSV Format: Docket_Num, My_Rating, Comment_Read_Time, Comment_Write_Time.

{Read Time = When I was Reading The Slips

Write Time = When I was putting together The Web Pages: i.e. Reading The Read Time Notes and Commenting On Them}

From there, I did Some Preliminary Analysis... in an Unattached Spreadsheet, if you must know.

Data Point Integrated: Simple Minded Human Required Computer Assist - The Following Is Not Indicative of Native Human Thought

Average Rating: 0.13
Sum(Good=1, Neutral=0, Bad=-1)/Num

Read Time Comments
Total Characters: 9,696
Average Comment Length: 153.9

Write Time Comments
Total Characters: 4,607
Average Comment Length: 73.13

Comment Length

A Graph Showing No Correlation Between Read Time (Blue) and Write Time (Orange) Comment Lengths

Character Length of Comments
Blue = Read Time
Orange = Write Time

{Note: The First Write Time Comment contained a bunch of Front Matter, pushing it Off The Chart and in other ways mucking up The Statistics.}

Oh, Great CPU In The Sky, Eternal Clocker, and Preserver of The Holy Byte Stream, the feeble human with his limited intellect has made another graph.

How quaint.

He even used The Default Colors... so, er, color me impressed.



I guess that will be about it for My Write-Up, then.

2019_script.txt: The Python Script (in .txt form so The Stupid Servers won't choke) I used to make The Color Bars and The First Graph.

Hey, Mr Computer! Want to really have a good laugh, take a look at My Coding Technique.



My Bytey-Bits feel all dirty just looking at that claptrap.

The Horror!

The Horror!

Somebody wipe my Memory Banks! I need a CLEAN REBOOT!

Judging the Judges

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