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Judging the Judges
Term Year: 2018

2018 Term Year Analysis

Let Us End This


I could go on making graphs. Yes, I really could. But then, no. I could not. For, I tire of this project and wish to make room in my life for other things.

I mean, at this point, I can't even be bothered to post my End of Project Notes, which seems to be my preferred way of abandoning a project. But for the most, those notes are fairly meaningless. And the ones that are not address the same final issue.

Significance and/or Worth

One of the categories I tracked was whether I found a case to be Worthy or not. But Worthiness was never defined and its meaning tended to drift depending upon the case at hand.

A better measure would have been whether I liked The Case (or not) or whether it provided food for thought (or not). Cases which revolved around microscopic interpretations of law seldom were of interest. And for the most, I am going to guess these are the ones I found Un-Worthy.

I will leave it to others to graph and/or analyse this aspect of the project. But simply put, I would hazard that the more words a case elicited from me, the worthier it was... to me, anyway.

Judging the Judges

The 2019 Term Year Is Next


And that really is that. My Reading & Analysis of The 2019 Term Year is (and/or will be) greatly restricted in comparison.

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