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Beyond The Sword

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LEADER: Huayna Capac
MAP: Fractal
HINT/TEASER: Build a Quechua; then, build another.

Civilization IV
Beyond the Sword 3.19
BUG Mod 4.5 [Build 2221]
BULL 1.4 [Build 243]
BAT Mod 4.1

I started this game with the intent of taking out another civilization (if not two) as fast as possible.

Let us just say, acquiring a second city by T50 is a massive competitive advantage. Oh, it's still possible to lose, but not nearly as likely.

A Game-Set In Review

I played five games on this map in total: two to get my bearings, a win, a loss, and another win.

Outside of the utility of building a bunch of Quechuas and taking over another civilization at the very start (and I mean, very start) of a game, what else can I say? What else did I learn?

The Quechua Rush

For years, I never really got The Rushes. So, let me explain exactly what a Quechua Rush is. I mean, it's not complicated. But it is EXACTLY what it is.
In short, 1-3 Quechuas will be needed for each Garrisoned Archer.

Quechuas cost 30 Hammers each. So for a fraction of the cost of a Settler, one gets a City situated in one of the best locales on the map. And sometimes, that there City is the home to a Religion. So, these Captured Cities tend to be fairly awesome. It's not just a Captured City. It's a Captured Capital!

Other Considerations

I was very pleased with Researching Pottery almost right away (after Fishing on this map). Part of my core strategy has always been to Out Tech The Competition. And early Cottages make this all the more likely... especially with The Financial Trait.

I cannot praise Monarchy enough. Previously, I've built The Pyramids and run Representation. But during The Early Game (almost until Representation is available organically), Monarchy works better. A 30 Hammer Quechua (or Warrior) is a small price to pay for +1 Happy. Or in other words, for the price of a single Temple, one gets all the Happiness they need. In short, Monarchy Solves The Happiness Problem completely.

Never Trade Troops! I mean, do what you want. But me? I'm not trading troops. If I lose 25 Troops over the course of a game, that's pretty bad... even after a Quechua Rush.

Representation and Merchantillism with The Statue of Liberty is a solid combo for a large (and especially, a large and low) civilization. That's Two Free Specialists per City with each Specialist getting +3 Beakers per Turn. Add in a few minimal Trade Routes and it's the rare city which can't pay for itself and stand on it's own... even at Pop 1.

Permanent Alliances mess up Espionage. I think it's a straight combination by addition: both Allies' Espionage versus The Competing Civilization's Espionage against both Allies. So in this game, after the formation of a Permanent Alliance, I lost Research Visibility on nearly everyone. Likewise, Research costs 50% more (or half as much again).

The Three City System

Whether the strategy will stay with me or is a one off for this game, I cannot say. But here's the rough outline... that kind of says it all.
The specifics are likely not as important as the overall conception:

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