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War For War's Sake
{It So Was Not}

Beyond The Sword

Game Saves & Log Files

In Game Notes

This is a nice seaside start, 3 Fish, Clam, Cow, Plains Hill for that 2 Hammer City, Turned into a Maori Statue City and this will be a powerhouse, also, I plan to whip


Civ 4 w/ The BTS Patch 3.19
K-Mod 1.46



Map: not_too_Big_or_Small
Size: Standard
Climate: Tropical
Sealevel: Medium
Era: Ancient
Speed: Marathon
Continents Size: Normal Continents
Islands Size: Islands

Raging Barbarians
Aggressive AI
No Technology Brokering
Permanent Alliances
No Tribal Villages
No Random Events

Map Layout

This We Know

This and the next four images show possible layouts for the map, I do not know the map, but it will be of this ilk, one or two large landmasses, lots of islands, with most of the map connectable pre-astronomy

None of these represent the Actual Map. But they were part of the Regeneration Sequence on the way to the Actual Map: some big areas, some small areas, most reachable with Galleys. The White Squares denote Starting Location.

Originally, I was going to opt for an Inland Start, so as to maximize my chance of starting on a big landmass. But in the end, another Start called out to me.

More of my thinking will be outlined in the In Game Notes ( 035-KMOD-TACKY.txt). But for now, let me just say a few things:

War! War! War!

Strategies & Spoilers

The blood will flow.

Not for the meek of heart.

More importantly, the introduction to This Map is now over.

Spoilers lay beyond this point.

Can you beat me?

I expect only AI's will try.

So, perhaps, the more Difficult Challenge is to successfully mimic my Game Play?

And if that Challenge is undertaken, it will make sense to read the In Game Notes up to the current Turn Set: i.e. prior to T0, one may read all the notes made prior to T0, to T25 for T25, and so on.

And though chronicling the milestones that make up My Games so that others (meaning AI's) may duplicated my efforts may become a growing part of the intent behind my In Game Notes moving forward, having played This Map fourteen times with varying degrees of success (but mostly the lack thereof), I'd have to say, good luck mimicking the subtle changes between each of those attempts. But then, it's likely my actions are far more predictable than I'd like to believe.


It is time to move on.

Strategies & Spoilers

War! War! War!

Epic Fail

In the end, I just gave up.

Well, it's not as simple as that. So rather, in the end, I couldn't be bothered to keep trying.

Setting Recap

Raging Barbarians
Now, I won't say Barbarians weren't a problem. {So, don't ask me what I'm really saying.} But by the last Play Through, I'd hit upon the perfect solution:
In and of themselves, all those Barbarians weren't such a problem. But it does mean I needed to Research Archery quite quickly. And then, because all of my Food came from the Sea, I needed to follow that up with Metal Casting for Triremes. I mean, there are other ways to go. I could have Built The Great Wall. But it really was Archers or The Great Wall followed by Metal Casting and Triremes.

I figure, if a person only had to concentrate on Land Units, they'd be up a great deal, opening up whatever other Tech they wanted from The Oracle other than Metal Casting. And thus, relying on Seafood turned out to be a bit of a disadvantage.

Early Feudalism
Theology requires Writing. So if one swept The Early Religions (or simply had the appropriate Technologies), failed to Research Writing, and Popped a Great Prophet, as one who is running a bunch of Priests in their Temples is likely to do, one can Bulb Monarchy... and do this in time to chose Feudalism as their Free Technology from The Oracle, granting one Longbows and assured (or at least, easy) Defence for the first Few Hundred Turns.

Without the need for Triremes, this is a much better gambit than Metal Working.

Logistical Tedium
Now, in The Late Game, I can see the fun in Island hopping. Eh, sure. Anything can get tedious. But I've not conducted this sort of campaign. And I might like it. Certainly, I enjoyed the Uncontested Island Expansion. But once it started to be contested, I lost interest. The Game was shaping into a Slug Fest, which I had minimal hopes of winning. Who knows? I might have. But I believe the AI was going to Out Micro me and mounting a defence was just going to get too boring.

Seafood Mother Load
This is a Map Script made for Sid's Sushi. At T500 with Five Cities, I controlled 2 Rice, 2 Clam, and 7 Fish, which is a very nice start on Sid's Sushi. By the time Sid's Sushi is Founded, one could easily have (or be able to Trade for) 25-50 Seafood Resources, making the Founding of Sid's Sushi incredibly valuable.

Yes, Again!
In fact, due to the possibilities inherent in such an overpowered Sid's Sushi along with a desire to try my hand at a Late Game Island Hopping Campaign, I am going to retry This Map Script (but not This Map), using another Leader. I am thinking Ramesses II. But until I start Playing Turns, one never knows.

Culture Hopping

Cool Beans!

The pertinent point being three tiles in the middle of the Sea whose Culture I control on account of my Capital having exerted Culture for Hundreds of Turns and the two newly Settled Cities having those Tiles within their extended Fat Cross, not Fat Cross, but future expansion

I find the Culture Control indicated by the above to be interesting. Newly Settled Cities have enabled Cultural Control of Sea Tiles, on which my Capital had been Exerting Culture for some time.

It's really nothing more than a Game Mechanic Oddity.

Also, if one looks at the Scoring, I'm far from winning. And despite numerous tries, I never really did much better.

Battle Graph


And More Barbarians!

A nice little graph showing my combat with Barbarians, the typical turn having no combat, and if combat only one, the light green represent defensive combats, which would be land units and the darker green are offensive combats Trireme versus Galley, I did not lose a single combat

Barbarian Combat

I only Battled Barbarians This Game.

The earlier Light Green represents Defensive Combats. And as such, represents my Archers being Attacked. Well, maybe Attacked is the wrong word. We are talking about Combat I Archers Fortified in the Forest. So, that's, like, +85% before their first Promotion. Those Barbarian Archers never stood a chance.

21 Defensive Combats with no Losses.

The Dark Green represents successful Offensive Combats. These were all Battles involving my Triremes against Barbarian Galleys. Once again, the Combat was completely one-sided.

39 Offensive Combats with no Losses.

Personally, I think I would grant Great General Points for Barbarian Combat. Combat is Combat, after all. And as the graph indicates, I spent a lot of Game Time moving Troops about and setting up a Defensive Perimeter.

Some Final Thoughts

I'm Almost Done.


One of these days, I'm going to have to learn how to abuse The Espionage System. The K-Mod might be able to help me a little on that. For the first time (that I can remember), an AI Influenced My Civics and forced me into Revolt. Oh, it was annoying to be sure. But as I only had a few Cities, I am sure it was ridiculously cheap for the AI. Of course, a few Fomenting Unhappinesses and Poisoning of Waters later and said AI had so few Espionage Points left, I had the ability to Investigate their Cities. But that changing of Civics might be a handy way of crippling an AI in the future. Or, you know, I just may continue to prefer City Visibility so I can easily Track Enemy Troop Movements.

Strategy Hints

Moving forward, I believe I will try to record strategic considerations that I learn from outside sources in a consistent format, such as:

Strategy Name (date): brief explanation, assuming the title doesn't say it all.

Further, I will record these in the In Game notes.

And with that all said, I feel like going back to my Old Wonder Building Ways.