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Dune Wars Revival


Beyond The Sword

Briefly Noted

Possible Start

Is it a good start?  Or a bad start?  I have no idea.  All I know is that there is a lot of brown.

City Screen

A Sample City Screen.  The only thing that really stands out for me is the brown


I never really started playing Dune Wars Revival. I like to win... and winning requires knowing the rules... and I never could be bothered to do the reading. So, I never really started.

If I could have found a PDF copy of the rules, things might have been different.

But as it was, days went by with absolutely no thought of playing this MOD.

So, in the end, I decided to delete it.

It looks awesome.

A lot of work was expended in the making.

Maybe in a year... or two... or ten...

But not today.

Comments... Sight Unseen

Given that I haven't played and know not the rules, these are my observations.

Too Much Brown
Should this be a major take-away? Sorry, but it is. I really don't want to stare at that much brown.

PDF Manual
Things might have turned out differently had there been one.

BUG over BAT
I have a preference. And it is for The BUG MOD.

Flexible Difficulty
This is an inspired Game Play Option. Basically, throughout the Game, The Player is Ranked and the Difficulty Level adjusted by a Level (up or down) as appropriate. This is very intriguing to me.

Increasing Difficulty
As per above, but the Difficulty Level always increases. Not as compelling. But a good idea.

Muddled Start
Who knows? This might have been a one-off glitch. But the first time I tried to start a Custom Game, every unit from every Civilization started in the same Tile. It would have made for a crowded Game. Hoping to get a screen-capture of that when it came time to do my write-up, the same effect did not happen again. But having happened, I'd sort of assumed a Custom Game was out of the question.

Too Much Is Never Enough
There is so much in this Mod that I am sure the complexity, which I am finding off-putting, is exactly why others are drawn to it. Yes, I aborted my attempt. No, this is not what I am interested in at the moment. But I am not blind. I can see the love, care, and attention that went into this MOD. So, I wish to give the Mod Makers (Modders, for short) a thumbs up. Please do not feel disheartened by my disinterest. Even I can see what a tremendous achievement Dune Wars Revival is. It's just not the achievement I wish to spend any further time with... today.

I mean, let's be honest. I never got past the Start Screen, never really started a Game. So, this isn't really a review of the Mod... as I might have originally intended. Rather, it's more of a study focusing on my abandonment of a Game after losing heart and interest.

Or as they say, it wasn't The MOD. It was me. I just didn't want to think that hard.

And now, I am off to load the K-MOD, instead.