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Beyond The Sword

Game Save & Log Files

In Game Notes

In my opinion, it is a nice start, three pigs, two clam, lots of forests and hills



Huayna Capac
Incan Empire

Mod Settings
Beyond the Sword 3.19
BUG Mod 4.5 [Build 2221]
BULL 1.4 [Build 243]
BAT Mod 4.1

BAT MOD LeaderHead Pack 2.0
BAT MOD BXP Australia 1.0
BAT MOD BXP Ceilidh Pack 1.0
BAT MOD BXP Hungary 1.0
BAT MOD BXP Poland 1.0
BAT MOD BXP Polynesia 1.0
BAT MOD BXP Scandinavia Pack 1.0

Map Settings
Standard World Size
Tropical Climate
Medium Sea Level

Ancient Starting Era
Marathon Game Speed

Game Options
No Barbarians
Aggressive AI
No Technology Brokering
Permanent Alliances
No Tribal Villages
No Random Events

All Victory Conditions
Six Opponents

I was still sort of trying to figure out what type of game I wished to play, when I rolled this Map and decided this Map was too good to pass up.

The previous Map in the Regeneration Cycle (the only other one I Rolled at these settings) looked to be Archipelago in nature, so that will be my starting assumption for this Map.

And although I have the LeaderHead Pack (and extra Civilizations) loaded, I did not hand select my opponents. So I have no idea who they will be. And they may well be the same-old same-old.


Strategies & Spoilers

So don't read beyond this point, if you don't want to know.


A Few Minor Map Changes

I got creamed a bunch of times. So, I moved my Capitol to the Hill blocking the Peninsula to the North East of the Settler in the above graphic. I, also, turned that particular Grassland Hill into a Plains Hill, so I'd have a 2 Hammer City. And I brought the nearby Iron Behind my newly constructed Wall of Death (to where the Settler is standing in the above image).

The changes worked great. And I very much enjoyed watching my adversaries slam their armies against my well entrenched Forces.

Oh, and I changed this new Map Configuration's name to Boar's Landing.

It's all (Original Start, Modified Start, Victory Game, and a bunch of Failures) in the

Combat Graph

Lots of Green, I won most of my Combats, I do not know why the Civilization Destruction Dates are falling off the end

There's a lot of Green there (which stands for Victory, Red for Defeat). I won almost every Combat this game. There is nothing like having Archers (or most any other Unit for that matter) Defending from a Culturally Significant City located on a Hill.

Of course, I must have reloaded after a particularly bad combat or two, as the logs show more Great Generals than I actually earned. Also, something is clearly amiss with my graphing utility, as the Vertical Defeated Civilization Bars have been pushed to the far right edge of the graph. But I'm not going to go through the code (or the logs, either; not at this juncture, anyway) to see what's what.

Combat By The Numbers

{Please keep in mind, the same program that makes the graphs computes the following numbers. And seeing as how the Vertical Defeated Civilization Bars were pushed off the right edge of the graph, there is clearly something wrong with either the program (this hasn't happened before) or the logs (my guess, but we'll see after I compile the graphs for the next game).

Turns: 784 (there were 810)
Combats: 424 (???)
Civilizations Dominated: 2 (not by me)
Great Generals: 6 (I only got 5)

Max Number of Combats in Turn: 34

Combats by Number
(Total Attacks or Defences)

Maximum Combat Strength in a a Turn: 162

Combats by My Strength
(i.e. My Unit's Strength at Time of Combat, Totalled)

Eh, as long as I am showing graphs, here's the one for Commerce.

Commerce Graph

I am unimpressed

I'm not impressed.

Miscellaneous Commentary

Poor Economy

For one, I had too many Cities. I was very good about not having crap Cities in the early stages of the game. But later on, I let my Empire grow, having eaten America more or less whole. At which point, I had too many Cities.

Also, I should have never revolted into Mercantillism. For the type of Game I was playing, I should have saved the Turns I lost in Revolt and stayed in some sort of Open Market Civic. I went from 20% Research in Merchantillism back up to 50% when I switched to Free Trade.

Modern Era Expansion MOD

It would appear most of the effort in the Modern Era Expansion Mod went into filling out the Navy. To my eye, there is not that much else going on... maybe the addition of some infill Technologies. But to what advantage? Still, I am not turned off by it.
{In my next game, I noticed a wider variety of Tank Types. Still, by the Modern Era the game is mostly decided. So the MEE MOD doesn't change things that much... or not that I am seeing... just yet.}

Leaderhead Pack MOD

I enjoyed playing against a slew of New Leaders, ones whose play style I could not look up on the Internet. I will be playing with these again.

In fact, the next game will have many of the same settings as this game... maybe, all of the same settings.