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Come on, My Carracks!
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Beyond The Sword

Game Save & Replay Files

Computer Generated Logs
Courtesy of the BUG Mod

In Game Notes

It is easy to imagine better, just add another resource, a hill start, or switch out the Elephants with Gems, but outside of that, this is a pretty sweet starting location with corn, elephants, three seafood, and a cow and stone off to the side, just aching to be settled


Joao II
Portuguese Empire

Difficulty: Monarch
Speed: Marathon

Custom_Continents: Random
Standard World Size
Tropical Climate
Medium Sea Level
Ancient Starting Era

Aggressive AI
Permanent Alliances
No Random Events

Six Rival Civilizations

Beyond the Sword 3.19
BUG Mod 4.5 [Build 2221]
BULL 1.4 [Build 243]
BAT Mod 4.1

A Brief Strategic Huddle

Let's briefly go over Joal II and Portugal.
For me, the Carrack is the most important item. It eliminates the need for Astronomy and one's initial Ocean Circuit can be one of Settlement and Development.

Prior to that, I intend to smash some heads... assuming I get a better map roll than last time.

Strategies & Spoilers

So don't read beyond this point, if you don't want to know.

But let's face it, most of the juicy stuff will be found inside the
In Game Notes

/ \

God Save This Monarch

A Brief Debriefing

I did not play well. Before Turn 300, I threw in the towel.

Winning is about breaking out of the Standard Game Narrative. And I was unable to do that in this game.
I am tempted to replay this map as the Incans. But that would be tight fitting (my strategy to this map), as I know in advance that I have a benign neighbour. Though, I would really like a benign neighbour. On the other hand, Roosevelt was going to compete with me for all the Wonders. We were too tightly matched. Whatever the case, I lost heart and it is time to start over.

All the same, I like the Sea Raiders theme. I'll need to see what I can do with that next game.