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A Random Start on Monarch

Beyond The Sword
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It really does not get any more random than this, no cherry picking here, cow, corn, lots of forest, an flood plains, and a few hills, not crap, I would build a city here, but it is not four showing resources, that is for sure


William van Oranje

Default Game Settings
Standard World Size
Temperate Climate
Medium Sea Level

Beyond the Sword 3.19
BUG Mod 4.5 [Build 2221]
BULL 1.4 [Build 243]
BAT Mod 4.1

The main goal for this game was to win on Monarch any way that I could. Since every guide I've ever read says that war is the way to go, that is my plan.

Originally, I was going to call this secondary section 'Reasons for Playing this Map'. But this map is the counter of that. It's a totally random map, using the standard defaults. Basically, if I can win here, I can win anywhere. Or at least, that's what I'm going to tell myself.

Or if that's too wordy, I decided I didn't want to spend so much time regenerating maps in the future (as I had been in the past), so I opted to take what I got.

Strategies & Spoilers

So don't read beyond this point, if you don't want to know.

It really is not anything to write home about, next game has two cow and four gold available for the starting city so cow corn is basically nothing

It's not much of a start.

But France was nearby.

A nice stack of eight swords versus two archers

I don't remember how many units I lost. But the war was quick. So quick, I didn't have Alphabet and never got a single tech from Louis, which was a shame, as he was way ahead of me, having founded Confucianism.

fifty two units ranging in power from medieval pikemen to machine guns, Sitting Bull never stood a chance

After I took out France (all lickity split), I spent (basically) the rest of the game battling Ramesses II and Sitting Bull.

As it says in my game notes, I made one bad strategic decision (attacking Sitting Bull prematurely, when our units where equal, causing me to reload and/or cheat). So, I wasn't going to make the same mistake again. This is stack that won me the game. Oh, I had to pay to upgrade the units. But it was the same stack.

Also, note the cultural borders which hug my cities (Giza and Kituhwa, in the above).

Sure, I was building every last cultural building I could lay my hands on, but I could make a dent, I was not going up against cities with a thousand culture... or to put it another way, going up against Creative at turn 250, and their cities are around 500, if they do nothing, it is a hard hill to climb

Fifty six years later and I'm winning the culture war.

The two coastal cities are drowning in culture, they are completely swamped, the only way to bring them out is to capture more cities
This city is just going to starve to death, the only thing it will ever be able to do is to assign one citizen as an Artist Specialist and hope for the best

This was a few turns prior to victory, immediately after my war with Ragnar of Viking fame.

And for all three of these cities, I could wait until the end of time and not win the culture war.

I returned the City of Jelling and Haithabu to Ragnar the Viking (after he became my vassal), because I am a kind and generous tyrant.

And I returned the City of Pharsalos to Pericles the Greek, because I am a fool. Well, I though it would increase my diplomatic bonuses. But when it came to the UN Election for Diplomatic Victory, he still voted for himself (being in second place and all). So, if I had kept that city, well, I only missed winning the election by ten votes.

OK. Pharsalos did not make any difference. But in a different game, it could have.

Final Thoughts

Its claim to fame is that it is working every tile in the fat cross, not much of a claim, I shall get better

Here's my capitol as we go into the final stretch.

It's big.

It's productive.

But it's not awesome.

I need to learn how to make a city awesome.

But that's for another game.

The Start

My Cheating Heart
Being the place from where I rolled back, so my cheating confessional.

Post Diplomatic Victory

Rolling Game Notes

The Post Game Replay File

Next time, maybe I'll have log files.