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Sewer Outfall Pipe Waterfall

By the bridge and the aformentioned graffiti is this sewer outfall.  It's sort of waterfallish.  And walking over to take a picture of this was the main reason I got up close to (and perhaps even saw) the graffiti in the first place.  A little after midday in the afternoon sun, it really was too hot for a picnic, but I liked it enough to make a GIF.

The Waterfall: The Main Attraction

A couple hundred yards away across a grassy field, there was a footbridge that crossed the stream.  This is a picture of the main waterfall from the center of that span.

Moving Waterfall Gif -- Steadied on Bridge Railing

And here's a GIF of the waterfall with the camera steadied on the railing.  I'm conflicted between my desire to take better pictures (and therefor having to carry around a tripod and a bigger camera -- perhaps with a super-duper telephoto lens) and the convenience of using a pocket sized digital camera that only sports a 12x zoom.  For now I use the later, but someday...

Waterfall Gif -- From the Side

And here's another view of the waterfall (with a few more views to come).  To me, it's the most interesting feature of the Lili'uokalani Botanical Garden, located almost at the center, and likely the reason this little area was turned into a park in the first place.  And really, no 'story' yet, because as of yet I hadn't decided to do a story.  Rather, I was working on the assumption I'd make this into travelogue entry or something of the ilk.  But that was going to change soon enough.

The Next Exciting Installment of Gilding The Lily

(((Note: while the pictures are real (as real as pictures can get) all the text should be treated as fiction -- or at least, unreliable.  Nothing has been fact checked.  Things change.  And the truth sometimes only serves to get in the way of a good story.  Thus, taken as a whole, these web pages that comprise this story should be viewed as a record of one man's flight of fancy as he takes a walk on a long sunny afternoon.  Nothing more.  Nothing less.  And most certainly, no disrespect to any individual (living or dead) is intended.)))

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