Scrambled French Toast


Brett Paufler

Scrambled French Toast

Half dozen eggs.
Half cup milk.
Half loaf bread (cubed).
Half stick butter, maybe more.

A real crowd pleaser, that is great for children slumber parties or overnight guests.
If you already know how to make french toast, all we're doing here is cubing the bread and making the entire batch at once (like scrambled eggs).
Start by cutting the bread into bite size pieces. I like cutting a normal loaf of bread into sixths, but quarters, or diced at random works just as well. Once diced, set bread to side.
The next step is to mix the goop. I know, that's a pretty technical term, but not to worry, I'll guide you through the steps. Ready? Take your eggs, crack them into a bowl (copper works best), add the milk and whisk together for a minute or two, or until it starts to look consistently nice and fluffy. Don't add the bread yet, just set aside.
Take you biggest frying pan, cast iron skillet, or whatever. Add a stick of butter to it and put on range at medium high. I use 7.5 out of 10 on my range. Once butter is melted, whisk egg goop again for a second or two, dump in the bread, and mix around with your hands. Once bread has soaked up as much goop as it's going to (30 seconds), dump lot into skillet.
Listen to it sizzled.
Enjoy the smell.
Resist the urge to do anything. Set the table. Wash the egg goop bowl.
At 2-4 minutes, flip contents of pan. Let sit for a minute or two more, then continue to stir, slowly, but consistently, until all edges are brown. Total frying time 10-15 minutes. Another quarter stick of butter may be added during this time.
Serve with maple syrup or your favorite topping.

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