Garbanzo Bean Soup

Keto: It's A Thing.

As for me, I will be eating all the scrap Carbs I can find as long as they hold out.

The First Can of Garbanzo Beans
A small bit of Salt bumped this up another notch. But for the most, The Grease stood on its own. And to think for years-and-years, I threw out these wayward drippings... you know, once I was through licking them up or dabbing at them with bread.

I'd call this Fancy Pea Soup and quietly move on to the next batch; in which, failed "Cheese Popcorn" is used for flavouring.

The Second Can of Garbanzo Beans
I do not believe this will be as good as the previous batch.

So, I added some Ginger to try and remedy that.

But at a preliminary analysis, only the Butter shines. Everything else is just doing time.

In the end, I can't say I care very much for this second batch. And for the most, I blame The Lime. Though, it's not like any other flavour is trying to burst forth from underneath the citrus. So, really, it's just a second rate dish.

Oh, well.

At least I can confirm that I can't taste much of a difference between Pea Soup and Mung Bean or Garbanzo Bean Soup.

July, 2021

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