Baked Rice & Beans

I don't miss a microwave as much as I thought I would.

I ain't got no microwave. It's not so much about brain damage from the waves themselves (as I believe no such thing); rather, it's a silent protest against our Alien Overlords (who I, also, do not believe in) and their Gala-Centric Cultural Imperialism... which is a grave threat even if the aliens are not so fearsome (and/or fiercesome) themselves, you know, on account of not existing.

But whatever.

No microwave.

Thus, Rice in a Toaster Oven: Earth-made, from before the invasion. So at least, I know that contraption is safe.
I've made this dish a bunch of times, now. I am going through a Big Can of Beans, which was part of somebody else's Quarantine Stockpile.

Pro Tip: I only stockpile food, which I am willing to eat. Thus, I've eaten through my over-supply of Sardines, Canned Pasta, and the like, having to restock the former, as I like having Sardines on hand.

Anyway, this Rice Bean Mixture is good stuff: passably edible; and then, some.

I have been known to sprinkle a few Tablespoons of Frozen Shredded Beef (or Pork) over the top and add Pickle Juice. And if I were still using Sugar, I would be more than happy (delighted, in fact) to top it off with Ketchup, BBQ Sauce, or Mustard.

Finally, I will just remark how odd it is how many Carbs I am consuming in a near Keto Household on account of a desire to run the supplies down; rather than, throwing them out. And even after half a year, I still have plenty of Sugar, Flour, and Rice, and a fair number of Specials: such as Honey, Sweetened Condensed Milk, Corn Syrup, Maple Syrup, and the like.

Of course, new stuff trickles in.

But someday, the goal is to have to buy Sugar if I want to bake a cake.

July, 2021

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