Lava Cake

The original title for this page was Peanut Butter Creations. But as we all know, there ain't no surer way of stopping a behaviour than recording that behaviour. So, now it's got a different name.

This is the second day in a row I've made something with Peanut Butter. So, I thought I'd start a generalized file. Don't be surprised if the next recipe doesn't include a drop of Peanut Butter though, as I am nothing if not inconstant.
I'm expecting/hoping for something Custardy from the High Egg Low Flour mixture. But for a moist Custard, I likely should have added a bit of Water. Maybe, next time. Of course, in truth, rather than Custard, I'd prefer a Brownie sort of thing. But I doubt that will happen. I expect The Two Eggs will provide a fluffy sort of consistency... or would, had I bothered to whip these.


Nothing to do now but wait and see.

It turns out, I made Molten Lava Peanut Butter Cake. Sure, I over cooked it a little. But I do like the molten center... sort of gooey, a little brownie like center. I can see trying to duplicate this recipe.

We'll see.

Overnight, a sort of glaze rose up. These are very tasty... moist, very cake like, but solid.

I do believe I will be doing again.

And so, continuing on with the theme of Peanut Butter, I decided to make Chocolate Oatmeal Pudding Cake with nary a dollop of Peanut Butter to be found in them.
The Goop fills My Baking Dish perfectly. So at least, I got that part right.

After the initial thirty 325°, I opted to ensure doneness and bake for ten more minutes at 250°.

The Brownie Cake was both Too Chocolately and not flavourful enough, all at the same time.

And again.
Going into The Toaster Oven, I am quite pleased. The Butter looks so delightful floating (literally floating) in a sea of Milk Chocolatey Goodness.

But who knows?

I may not have used enough Sugar.

It's a little dry, dense, and bland. But that reservoir of Liquid Butter in the center is quite nice. It dropped down... for the most. The top was deeply cracked in a delightful (almost ravine) sort of way.

Let's see if I can make something flat and cookie-like.
This was very reminiscent of Buckwheat Pancakes.

I am sure I could keep this document going, as I am enjoying these type of snacks. But I question whether an extensive word format (as opposed to a simple ingredient lists) is the way to go.

Thus, perhaps something for The Data Dump would be more appropriate... or something more like a Data Dump Listing here in Quickies.

June, 2021

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