Mung Beans

Two Pounds
Two Years Past Due

I have access to a Two Pound Bag of Mung Beans. A while back, I tried to sprout some. But that experiment was a dismal failure. So, I'm going to cook The Beans up... or throw the package out.

Typically, I envision soaking ½ Cup of Mung Beans overnight in 1½ Cups of Water. It's a nice, small, single serving Batch Size. So, whatever mistakes are made (and one can be sure there will be mistakes) will be of limited effect. And I have plenty of 2 Cup Jars. So, soaking such a small quantity is logistically quite easy.

The first batch has been soaking for two days, as I simply never got around to doing anything with them yesterday. And if another day went by (and another, and another) this would cause no problems, as the soaking jar could simply be pushed further and further (and further and further) back into the refrigerator until it was time to throw the slimy glop out. Thus, soaking times are highly unimportant to me.

Further, I shall treat cooking times in a similar manner. I have been quoted anywhere from 20-60 minutes to cook Mung Beans. But as that depends very much on how mushy one likes their beans, I shall play it by ear and will endeavour to mention such niceties no more.
And here, I shall swerve slightly (from my preconceived plan of working small batches), as my needs have changed slightly.
And again:
I think I prefer Mung Beans to Peas. They fall apart better and the bits remain suspended in water better. Or maybe, they simply cook faster. No matter. I could happily do Mung Bean Soup over Pea Soup any day of the week.

And now:
The Ham base was better. It's not like The Hamburger Fat was bad. But it certainly wasn't as good as adding a few bits of Ham.

I doubt I will buy more Mung Beans. So, this Last Recipe is it:
I am not thrilled with the base. It tastes off... a little rancid, even though I know it's not. I guess I'd describe it as being a bit musty, which isn't typically a very good thing in a food.

Curry Powder has an interesting effect. It doesn't so much cover or soften the mustiness, as make it acceptable. Ah, Authentic Indian. Goat Fat probably behaves similarly to Pig Fat, I would guess. I wonder how closely the two animals are related? You know, if at all?

Masala Spice isn't so bad. But I really don't like this base, at all.

Yeah, it's going to be a bit of work getting the last three jars down. I might just end up calling it waste and move on. The So-Called Soup is leaving a bad taste in my mouth.

The next day, despite my trepidation, as I was not looking forward to this soup at all, it went down quite easily with the addition of a slight amount of Salt & Pepper.

In the end, I would not hunt out this final recipe/batch. But it was food and good enough when I was hungry.

Overall, I think I like Mung Beans over Split Peas. But as I am edging towards Keto, it's unlikely I will be buying another bag of either anytime soon.

May & June, 2021

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