Triple One Peanut Butter Cookies

Eh, I'm selling it short.
It should really be five ones.

Equal Amounts of each ingredient. I would use a Cup, Stick, or Egg each. But I don't feel like making that much. So, I'm quartering it. Yeah, quartering an egg is going to be interesting. These were dry, crumbly, and not terribly great. I'm thinking about crumbling up what remains into a grainy powder, adding an egg, and baking, again.
These are better than the first batch. But I would not hunt out either recipe.

What I really wanted were Peanut Butter Flavoured Brownies... or something similar. So, I think I might just start with a Brownie Recipe next time. And replace any Chocolate with Peanut Butter... or omit altogether and make Blondies.

May & June, 2021

Brett Food

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