Carrot Soup

Boil! Puree! Eat!

What Could Be Easier?

A Bag (an entire bag) of Carrots wandered into the refrigerator. And as they'll just spoil if I do not eat them, I've decided on a few batches of Carrot Soup as the best way to reduce their numbers to zero.

Carrot Soup: The First
Prior to emulsifying with a Hand Blender, I added even more Water, so the final ratio was something like 1 Part Carrot to 2 Parts Water.

While boiling, The Water only contained Carrot. But I should have added The Fish Skin, as well. I did not, because I wanted to keep my options open and was thinking The Stick Blender would be easier to clean if no grease was present. But as I had to blend The Fish Skin anyhow (poor planning on my part, not realizing that last), it made no difference... not even in the cleaning, as The Fish Skin imparted little to no Grease, Fat, or Oil.

It got rave reviews and was compared to Five Star Restaurant Food. So, I would definitely do again... certainly, the Butter, Lemon, & Salt part. The Fish Skin, however, did not impart enough flavour to make a difference. Well, maybe it added a hint of umami that made all the difference. But if so, I haven't the type of taste buds or experience to know.

Carrot Soup: The Second
At this point, The Soup was a dismal failure. And rather than trying to redeem The Pot, I opted to spike my concoction Cup-By-Cup.
So, I'll have to keep Ranch and/or Sour Cream in mind the next time a dish like this goes horribly wrong.

Also, I really liked spiking The Soup Cup-By-Cup. It expanded The Experimental Range, allowing me to taste five different versions on The Final Pot of Soup... which is a good thing, as this time around, that's how many tries it took to get it right.

April/May, 2021

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