Coconut Braised Sausage

Fast, Easy, & Tasty

Don't let The Erratic Cooking Times fool you. This was easy to make and tasted delightful.

In the bottom of a Bread Pan, I layered from the bottom up:
All the food layered nicely (nice and high) in a Bread Pan. I placed The Bread Pan inside another Baking Dish to catch any overflow or drips. Thankfully, that was not necessary. But better safe than sorry.

Since originally this was going to be dinner, but I put it all together first thing in the morning (and I do mean, first thing), I had all the time in the world to cook it. So, I decided to cook it slow.

Rather than doing the math, which seems tedious, I'll just transcribe my Stopwatch Readings.
One could (most likely, but who really knows until one tries it) cook the lot at an Ultra Low Temperature, bringing the temperature up at the end to crisp things up as desired.

These were good. Of course, it's just Italian Sausage. It's not like they were transformed. But the Coconut Milk added a bit of Flavour & Sweetness. And The Ground Chicken (which I do not regard as overly flavourful) found plenty of drippings in which to marinate itself for hours on end.

Served with Broccoli and Focaccia, there were no complaints... as well there had better not be.

Since there were Five Sausages in the package, I figure this had Five Servings, each consisting of a Sausage, an equal amount of Ground Chicken, and a few Spoonfuls of Sauce.

April, 2021

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