Corn & Black Bean Soup

I doubt there is anything new here.

I did not set out to make Chili (not that this is Chili). It just sort of happened, as Spaghetti Sauce Flavoured Corn quickly got out of hand.

I ate this in three stages.

Hearty Broth
I got a cup of High Quality Broth: nice, thick, and tasty with just a few spare bits of Corn.

Chunky Soup
A few minutes later, I used a Slotted Spoon to save the big bits for later, leaving me with a Corn & Bean Laden Soup. I spiked it with a spoonful of Sour Cream and found the lot delightful.

Baked Bean Casserole
And now, it is the next day. And I am going to have what's left (approximately another bowl's worth) of Soup Covered Solids. Oh, right. There was some leftover Fruity Beef Drippings from a Berry Infused Beef Roast, which was prepared last night. So, I added that, as well. But I doubt a mere Tablespoon (or two) of Drippings will pack enough flavour to change the overall taste. And that taste has been quite alright in my book, so far, all along.


Please stand by...

Prior to tasting this last bowl of Corn & Beans (which included little other than the aforementioned Corn & Beans), I wrote:
If it had ever needed additional flavour, I could have added a touch of Salsa. But it never did. So, neither did I... add that touch of Salsa, that is.
But the words turned out to be totally inaccurate. This last helping of Corn & Beans turned out to be little more than Corn & Beans (with all the blandness that implies), as I'd already poured-off and consumed all the real flavour.

Still, I did not bother to add any Salsa. And ironically enough, I completely forgot about the Cheese I had been considering adding to the top of this dish last night.

No matter.

What is done is done.

The Soup portion was great. I made the mistake of pouring off too much Broth. And the final helping suffered as a result.

April, 2021

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