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Pumpkin Soup, Again!

The Dog (don't ask me which one or why) seems to like Pumpkin Biscuit Treats. And the recipe in use only calls for Half a Can of Pumpkin. So, there will likely be a steady supply of Pureed Pumpkin in the months ahead.
Adding the Beef Gravy was, perhaps, a mistake. It was a bit overpowering, at first. But then, I added The Spices. And it all came together.

I very much appreciate The Onion in the Stuffing. It gives The Soup a bit of bite.

And that bite (i.e. chunkiness) is growing as I work my way down The Pot. Soups like this (small, one-off batches), I tend to pour (rather than ladle); and so, it's liquid off the top, bigger chunks as I go along. It's working out great.

Finally (or at least, at some point), I should mention that The Beef Fat Drippings included a fair bit of meat. Well, it's probably not that much. But this stuff is way thicker than Broth. And those nibbles (yes, let us be fair; they are just nibbles) of Hamburger are most welcome.

1/1 (one out of one) would do again. And in a month, when it's Dog Treat Baking Time, I am sure I will be making something similar... perhaps, with added Hunks of Ham, as that's what's being stocked, at the moment.


Eh, before I go, I should (oh, yes, I should) mention that The Prunes (mostly whole) add a nice sweet semi-chewy touch. So, there is all sorts of mouth-feel in this from the Onions, Hamburger, & Prunes.

Quite The Delight!


April, 2021

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