More Versatile Than I Would Have Thought

Until a few days ago, I had never thought of cooking Radishes. They were for Salad and Salad alone. I never even bothered to throw a handful of Radishes into a Stew. I never even thought about it. But that all changed a few days ago. Apparently, Radishes are Low-Carb and fit right into the Keto Lifestyle™.

A quick bit of research indicated that about an hour of cooking is what Radishes need. {But in retrospect, this is probably overkill.} So after washing and cutting in half, I brought a pot with maybe a pound of Radishes in it (filled the rest of the way with water) to boil. And then, I let it sit for a half-hour... or so. Heck, I may have even simmered the lot a bit. And then again, I may not have. In truth, we'll just have to see, because I really did (just now) turn the heat off after bringing the water up to temperature (a full boil).

So, now, if you'll excuse me, I have a delivery to run down and a book to read.

- - - - -

They seem cooked enough to me, just letting them sit for a long half-hour {in the hot water}.

Half are going into some old Pickle Juice. So, we'll see how those do in a day or two.

And the remainder are getting fried in Bacon Fat with Onions and leftover Pork... from yesterday's write-up.

- - - - -

I fried the Radishes with Onion and Pork in a short half-cup of Bacon Grease... not that the last measurement can do anyone the slightest bit of good, considering everything else remains unquantified.

The Onions started to burn, so that's that... not quite as brown as I would like on the Radishes. But it looks good.

Served with Sliced Tomatoes, Butter Lettuce, and Garlic Aioli... just in case one wishes to make a Keto Sandwich™.

- - - - -

The meal was quite hearty. And in truth, the Radishes worked pretty much like Potatoes. I can't say I would hunt down this exact mixture... like, ever again. But it was solid and a fine first Radish attempt.

- - - - -

The Pickled Radish worked as an adequate accompaniment to a Pork, Corn, Cauliflower Rice Dish, which was little more than Pork, Corn, Cauliflower Rice, Pickled Radish, and a dash of Pickle Juice.

But whatever.

Tomorrow, it will be Pickled Radish on Hot Dogs (for some). But as they are Beef Hot Dogs (so much yuck), I will scrounge the freezer for meat... and likely have a Pork Relish Mash.

Let's see how that goes, shall we?

Oh, but first, I diced the Pickled Radish to improve flavour uptake and because that's how Hot Dogs are done right.

- - - - -

The Pickled Radishes are good enough (quite serviceable), but do not have the bite I would like. I suppose I can only blame myself... or the Pickle Juice I used. Whatever the case, the final meal will be Pork Grinders, consisting of Shredded Pork, Pickled Radish, and Mustard (Yellow) served on a Toasted Bun.

It will be solid. It will be filling. It will be a meal. But all in all, I can't help believing I would prefer an equal quantity of Regular Pickles to the Radishes.

- - - - -

March, 2021

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