Fun With Oil

The Side Salad Was The Best Part

For the last year or so, I have been exploring Deep Fat Frying, more-and-more. Most of the Fat has come from Ducks and Bacon; but as a Goose was cooked for Christmas, that's the current Grease of Choice.

Zucchini Side Salad
Zucchini (not Eggplant), Tomatoes (on the edge), and Caesar Dressing (delightful). What could be easier? Of course, prior to adding The Homemade Caesar (by others, or I would include the recipe, here), I mistakenly poured Irish Cream (also, Homemade; and also, by others) over the lot. The Almond Scented Cream Liquor rinsed off relatively easily. But let us just say, it was not an auspicious beginning, even if The Salad, itself, turned-out to be quite awesome.

Turnip Chips
I boiled thinly sliced Turnips in Goose Fat for about ten minutes, started to do something else (slicing the meat for the next step, if you must know), and while my back was turned, burned The Turnip Chips to a crisp. The dish has potential, as most anything fried in Grease tastes good. But for the most, this just ended-up in the bin.

Fried Pork
I cut a Pork Loin into strips and cooked this in the Goose Fat, as well (for a good 10-20 minutes, my notes say 10 minutes, but I know they are not accurate and no longer believe them). The Pork did not burn and tasted just fine. But the Goose Fat added nothing. So, I will not be bothering with that again... unless, I already have the Oil set-up for something else.

Fried Pork Sandwich
Going some degree of Keto (or more accurately, some degree of low carb, as I will be making myself a bowl of Oatmeal in just a few moments), the Pork was served on Lettuce with a dab of Homemade (isn't it like this in everyone's household, ah, I do love My Darling) Garlic Aioli. I should have added more Tomato. But my will was sort of washed out by that whole Burnt Turnip Fiasco.

All in all, the endeavour was a fail.

Luckily, I'm finding it great fun to set up a Pot (Mid-Sized Cast Iron) of Boiling Oil and cooking different things in it. I'll have to try some sort of Coating or Batter one of these days.

"It beat me, OK?"

"And on my tombstone it will read, He Burnt The Turnips."

March, 2021

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