Pumpkin Soup

It's possible I should try these recipes before I write them up. But I never will. So, that said, shall we see how this one turned out... and/or will turn out?

The Garlic Sauce was Cream Based and separated out, floating on top. But I whisked it in. Problem solved.

Prior to the addition of the Goose Drippings, the Ketchup from the Cocktail Sauce dominated. But now, it just tastes like a Deep Beef Broth with a hint of Goose. So, like, I probably could tell folks it was a Heavy Reindeer Broth, Light Reindeer Gravy, or something like that.

"I don't know how it got on my roof. But I thought it was a burglar, so I shot it.

It's a little bit rich, maybe almost too complicated. But I could see this being served in a High End Restaurant. I would recommend a smallish bowl served with a roll or two.

Also, one might want to change the name to Harvest Delight or something equally creative. There is not a hint of Pumpkin in this stuff. I mean, it tastes great, but there is not the slightest hint of Pumpkin.

A wayward Egg Yolk became available, so I mixed that in after the first serving. I have no expectation of being able to taste it.

I did not.

March, 2021

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