Egg Sushi

Take A Hard-Boiled Egg
Cut It In Half

So, there's this thing called an Egg Fast. I know about it, because I ate a lot of Eggs over the past few days. No, I did not eat only Eggs. I cheated. But I did eat a lot of Eggs. And at one point, while trying to dress a Hard-Boiled Egg, I came to the conclusion that one could think of Hard-Boiled Eggs as Sushi and trick them out accordingly.

Certainly, Wasabi & Soy Sauce worked. I was sort of surprised Wasabi & Soy Sauce worked. But it did.

I, also, had great success with just a dab of Mayonnaise (maybe a ¼ teaspoon) and a Sprinkling of Spice. Egg Whites are almost flavourless. And the Yolk isn't so much unappealing, as simply dry. So, every Spice I tried worked, including Paprika, Curry, and some Italian Blend. And I think pretty much any Spice that I like will work. I, also, can't see getting uptight over the quantity. I'm a Heavy Spice Guy. I like to load things up. And the Eggs carried everything I threw at them. So, I don't think I'll be doing a sprinkling in the future; but rather, a heavy dusting.

Finally, as I was breaking The Fast (I much quicker than others), I opened a can of Pickled Mackerel. Hey, guess what? I think Hard Boiled Egg (chopped rough, so it was more like Poke this time) went well with the Mackerel. And if heated, I think it would make an interesting soup.

Anyhow, as a result of these past few days, Hard Boiled Eggs have become unto Sushi in my mind: tasty, easy to eat, and best when plopped into the mouth whole... or at least, by The Half Egg, sliced clean and topped with a bit of something savoury.

February, 2021

Brett Food

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