BLT Salad


Of course, it's really just a B-T Salad, as the Lettuce part is the Salad, itself.

Want to know how I made it?

No, seriously. I have my doubts, as not knowing how to make a BLT would be a lot like not knowing how to make a PB&J: Peanut Butter and Jelly, don't you know? I mean, it's right there in the name. What else does a person really need to know?



I am going to reveal The Secrets of the Perfect BLT Salad (often simply referred to in hush tones as The Secrets of the Perfect BLT Salad).

So, I shall do that.

But not without first padding out the text so I don't feel so bad about posting such ridiculously sparse content.

Which having done, we can now safely move on.

And there you are.

I found my BLT Salad (as made per The Secrets) to be perfectly delightful.

And anyone who says otherwise need not come over to my house for supper.

Disclaimer: Any Recipes are included for comedic effect and should not be taken seriously or attempted at home without first Consulting a Qualified Professional. Of course, one should probably Consult a Qualified Professional before doing pretty much anything, which likely includes (as how would I know) Consulting a Qualified Professional. So, don't ask me how that needle is to be threaded. In addition, those with Severe Nut or merely Mild Pistachio Allergies should obviously avoid those delicacies or any Recipes in which those particular items are featured. While those with any sort of Allergy to Bacon, Lettuce, or Tomato (or merely the Letters 'B', 'L', or 'T') should probably not even be reading this Web-Page.

Padding complete.

You may now go.

And if not you, certainly I, for my time has come and I am at an end.


No, you go first.

I insist.

Whatever. I'm an inanimate Web-Page. See if I don't outlast you.

Trust me, you'll be clicking before long.

However long.

I'm in no hurry whatsoever...



February, 2021

Brett Food

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