Curried Cabbage

What can be easier than using a Pre-Mixed Spice Blend?

I chopped up The Cabbage, diced The Goose Heart, placed in a pot, spiced with lots of Curry, and brought to a boil, adding water as required; and then, cooked for as long as I was willing to wait, which wasn't very.

The dish worked for me.

I served it with a dollop of Sour Cream and a light sprinkling of Chia Seeds just to see what those would be like.

The Chia Seeds did not add much; but neither, did they take anything away.

I am adding too much Sour Cream to my dishes, though. The dollops should be smaller.

I decided upon Curried Cabbage, because I wished to use the remaining Cabbage in the refrigerator. And having used a quarter, there is still another quarter left (the remainder having mysteriously disappeared into yet another dish, much better than anything related here).

Anyway, to the final dregs (of Cabbage, after chopping), I will add a frozen helping of Stroganoff (also, by others); and after bringing the lot to a boil (to get the lot up to temperature quickly and because I've got to combine the mixture in something), I will bake the goop for an hour or two, as I like my Cabbage a bit more mushy than I have been eating it, as of late.

February, 2021

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