Meat Loaf

The Write-Up That Never Needed To Be

There truly is nothing here... nothing at all. A pound of Hot Italian Sausage was cooked. I was asked if I wanted the drained Grease. Of course, I did. "No. Well, maybe. OK. Put it aside and let's see." And this is the dish I decided to make with it.
As I write, I am putting this together for heating later. And as I lick the spoon I used to ladle the Grease, it is clear this dish will be eaten with Sour Cream in order to cut the heat.

In passing (then), let me wonder how many of my posted dishes have been served with Sour Cream. It may well be my favourite ingredient... or if not ingredient, condiment.

Also, this will be served with a side of Broccoli, which I believe the excess Grease (now a mixture of Beef & Pork Grease seasoned with heat) will flavour quite nicely.

Oh, so hot... so ridiculously incredibly unbelievably hot.

And yet, with a bit of Sour Cream, this was delicious and flavoured (along with more Sour Cream) quite the pile of Broccoli and Peas.

February, 2021

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