Hep Kat Brownie Crumble

This is a derivation of what I am told is a fairly famous recipe. The derivation did not work-out for me.

Next time, I would spread it out thin on a larger metal pan. And if it did not look like it was cooking properly, I would scramble it up, as I am fairly (to midlin'ly) satisfied with the crumbles as they are.
My baking times are totally worthless, as I burnt the crap out of it. Thus, I will not repeat them here.

I'm thinking 30min at 350°, mixing, swirling, or turning, as appropriate.

350° got the mixture to bubbling, giving an effect I liked, but basically causing it to burn in the end. So, if that doesn't work next time (both assuming there will be a next time and a time after that), I'll drop the temperature to 325°.

But then, who really knows, as I have gone and used up that surplus of Chopped Walnuts that was lying about.

As stated, these were burnt. But I like butter, sugar, and chocolate. And I have been eating a lot of Trail Mix (please, call it Gorp), as of late. And this made a very good inclusion.

January, 2021

Brett Food

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