Bacon Grease Brownies

In a large Baking Dish liberally coated with Bacon Grease, these were cooked for 30 minutes at 350°.

So, that's the short form instructions. The long form goes something like:

And if that's the expanded directions (which I hope are clear), this is the expanded ingredient list with increased commentary, broken out separately, as I have come to appreciate a concise ingredients list at the start of a recipe. After all, if I ever reference this page again, it will be to reference that top list. But then, if you don't understand the nuances behind the ingredient list or are keen on expanded explanations, perhaps you will find the following helpful and/or interesting.

These were great. But as they were a bit fluffier than I like, next time I'll reduce the Eggs. And I would like a bit more Salt (having used none). But I think adding more Bacon (which is plenty Salty) is the way to achieve that particular goal.

Oh, one final thing. I used my largest glass baking dish as I wanted the Brownies to be thin, which I'd say was a pretty good call.

October, 2020

Brett Food

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