Taco Salad

Taco Salad
So, that's the ingredients list from the bottom up (as opposed to the top down), to which one could add Tortilla Chips if one so desired.

I used Romaine Lettuce, which was a bit wilted. But after washing and tearing apart, one would never know, mostly because the tearing apart (part) sort of macerated the lot. To this I tossed-in a bit of Lime Juice to kick out the flavour.

I like my Hamburger (in stir fry's such as this) to be fairly fine grained. I don't want it to clump. So having thawed the Hamburger thoroughly, I mixed it up fairly fine prior to adding heat and continued to mix the meat as it cooked. Oh, I probably should have mentioned the Onions, which I'd added to the Raw Hamburger.

I cooked this in bits and batches. So, like, when the Hamburger was half-cooked or so, I turned off the heat and added the spice. How much spice did I use? Well, I spread the meat out evenly in the pan and added Salt, Cumin, Black Pepper, and Red Pepper to the half-cooked meat, as if I was going to eat the meat alone. Which is just another way of saying Spice to Taste. But what taste? The taste of eating Hamburger by itself and feeling satisfied.

After turning the heat back on and cooking all the way, I set this aside and prepped all the remaining ingredients, including The Lettuce above, prior to adding some more Onions (as I found a wayward half onion in the refrigerator while rummaging around) and a Red Pepper (chopped fine), before the final re-heat and/or cooking of the Red Peppers.

I believe I used Spicy Pepper Jack and something soft like Mozzarella. In the end, I used a fair bit (so at least a quarter pound of cheese per serving) of grated, chips, and chunks of cheese.

Being placed directly on top of the freshly re-heated meat (which in turn lay on top of the Lettuce, wilting it even more), most of the cheese melted with a few wayward chunks laying about to add texture and flavour.

This is Quasi Mexican Food, so one needs Salsa & Sour Cream, which should be doled out generously... in my ever so humble opinion.

Unsurprisingly, this tasted great. And as we only used half the meat for the first two servings, that leaves us leftovers... which will most likely be used for something amazingly similar... maybe straight up Nachos.

I did serve these with Tortilla Chips, but they didn't really add anything. And I'd likely leave off next time. While the Lime Juice on the Lettuce was definitely worth the effort.

October, 2020

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