Coconut Berry Curry

With many of these recipes (if in fact, one wishes to call any of them recipes), I start by looking at what's what in the way of the current food supply. And in this particular case, it seemed to me we had an excess of Canned Coconut Milk. So, that. And then, there is this bag of frozen fruit. I thought it was Cranberries. But I was wrong. Anyhow, with those as the staples (and/or backbone, if you will), this is what I came up with.

There's no real cooking, here. I added all the ingredients to a pot, brought to boil, and let the resulting goop sit for two hours (or so), prior to bringing to boil (once again) and serving.

The two hour wait will bring out some of the flavour and heat from the spices, but is far from critical.

Originally, I'd thought about keeping the Rice and Meatballs on the side. But that seems like an unnecessary step, considering I intend to eat the lot as a goopy mess.

I was told that this was 'Super Delicious!' But I don't think it deserves such high praise. It was eminently eatable, tasty even. But I can't see anyone ever requesting this exact dish ever again.

Now, something fairly similar?

Sure, that's sounds like that might be tasty enough.

October, 2020

Brett Food

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