Baked Rice Surprise

Man, My Stove Top Rice is not turning out as desired. Maybe, I should try baking it in the oven somehow...
The trick is to boil the liquid prior to adding it to the Rice... or so I hear tell.

We'll see.

I probably should have boiled the liquid, rice, and all. But I did not.

Doesn't matter. I was running out of room in both the pot and the casserole dish in which the rice was sitting, waiting to receive the goop.

30 min at 400°
30 min at 350°

Tonight we are having a regular feast, consisting of Ribs, Mac & Cheese, Braised Cabbage, and this seemingly train wreck of a dish. Well, we'll see.

Point is I would have likely cooked The Rice for a solid hour at one temperature or the other, but I don't want the other stuff to burn... and I want to make sure this dish gets done in an hour.

I don't know that I like the smell of Spinach that much anymore.

Maybe, I just got lucky on the water content, but The Rice came out nice and tender, not too wet, not too dry. I will be trying this again.

I am presuming the magical ratio is 2 to 3: Rice to Water.

October, 2020

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