Pickle Drop Soup

I'm going for something like Egg Drop / Hot Sour Soup. Let's see how close I get.
I brought the lot to boil; added the Corn Starch (quite unprofessionally; I might add); brought the lot to boil again; and finally, drizzled in the eggs.

Now, that's some tasty stuff.

The Pickle Juice carried the day. So, maybe I used too much. But it is what it is.

Also, I'd pour the Eggs in faster next time and use more Corn Starch if I wanted it thicker... or just puree the noodles, first.

All in all this was a winner, even if it was nothing like Hot Sour Soup, which is really what I was hoping for.

I should probably read a recipe or something.

September, 2020

Brett Food

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